Elephants Will Never Let You Forget!

I’m not one for new year’s resolutions but I do like the idea of trying to be a better person in this world. January is a time to refresh and start something new. Over the holidays these beautiful elephant charm bracelets arrived from the Canadian jewellery design house of Joseph Nogucci.

One to remind me of my incredible friendships. One for renewal.

Simple reminders for everyday life. I love this idea! Each colour of stone represents something important in life: Freedom, Life, Peace, Perseverance, Success, Friendships and Renewal.

The different colored memory stones represent and invoke different feelings and moods. Red represents love, while purple stands for friendship. Green will help you succeed and white will bring good health. The color blue symbolizes freedom, brown represents peace and the white marbled memory stone celebrates birth.

I just visited the site and noticed that they are on sale. The bracelets are regularly $44 each. Now $16. I’m going to order the rest of the collection before I forget…and those little elephants are waaaay too cute!



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