Hard Twist 9 at the Gladstone Hotel

Explore the intersection of textile and digital mediums in Hard Twist 9: Fibre Optics – Textiles in the Digital Age. The ninth annual Hard Twist is a truly unique exhibit hosted by the Gladstone Hotel. Art lovers and the public alike will enjoy what has been referred to as a “must-see” Toronto event, where Canadian artists have been asked to submit work that is formed by, illustrates, uses, or otherwise relates to the combination of textiles and digital technology.

Each year, co-curators Helena Frei and Chris Mitchell weave wild diversity into a rich and complex tapestry inhabited by a powerful sense of human creativity. This edition promises to challenge the status quo and intrigue the mind. Hard Twist 9: Fibre Optics – Textiles in the Digital Age will showcase pieces as oblique as a digital image of a hand-woven textile, or as direct as a shirt with an integrated alcohol sensor that monitors the wearer’s blood alcohol level and gives feedback via fibre optics. The result is a stunning array of works that push the boundaries of this medium and invite the viewer to delight in new modes of making.

Hard Twist, an annual juried show of work that celebrates the intimate, layered and complex relationship between people and textile, has become an important annual event within the Canadian fibre art community and a signature event for the Gladstone since 2006.

Participants range from established artists with impressive track records to students in the process of refining their focus. The works are tiny and huge, straightforward and complex, representational and abstract, and speak of things as disparate as biblical lyrics, global warming, and the fate of dryer lint.

Featured Artists at Hard Twist 9 include: Manca Ahlin, Munira Amin, Alexia Bilyk, Victoria Carley, Nancy Cole, Martina Edmondson, Ko Park, Jane Ellerington, Libs Elliott, Hannah Epstein, Sofia Escobar, Allison Green, Miriam Grenville, Greta Grip, Philip Hare, Hilary Hayes, Meghan MacDonald, Nicole Malbeuf, Ashlee Marcus, Madeleine McNeely, Wendy Nichol, Amy Rogers & Superplat (Isabelle Campeau and Claudie Dussault)

Hard Twist 9 runs  to December 28, 2014

Gladstone Hotel is located at 1214 Queen Street West, Toronto.

Opening Reception
 will be held on September 11th, 2014 from 7pm to 10pm.

For more information visit gladstonehotel.com


Hard Twist 9 at the Gladstone Hotel



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