Non-traditional Moon Cakes

The telltale signs that Mid-Autumn Festival season is upon us is when I receive a box of moon cakes (read Sonya’s post “Significance of Moon Cakes”). Although the traditional moon cakes are filled with red bean or lotus paste and preserved duck egg yolks (yum!), the non-traditional fillings always catch my attention. Last year I bought some coffee flavoured moon cakes made by Starbucks. This year, however, I came across some ice cream moon cakes! Yes, you read correctly…ICE CREAM moon cakes…and chocolate macadamia nut ones at that too!

These bite-sized treats have the look of traditional moon cakes with the beautiful imprint, but the similarities end there.   Snowy moon cakes, sometimes referred to as snow skin moon cakes, differ from the traditional ones because they are not baked. These delectable morsels of moon cake are covered in a thin mochi-like exterior. Mochi is made from short grain glutinous rice that is pounded into a paste producing a soft chewy consistency. While most snowy moon cakes are white, many bakeries will tint the mochi to create stunning colours.

non traditional moon cakesFor this snowy moon cake, the dark chocolate filling wasn’t overly sweet with the cocoa flavour coming through nicely. The crunchy bits of macadamia nuts add a nice contrast in texture against the cool creamy ice cream and soft mochi. This was definitely a hit with the kiddies and for those who don’t want the traditional fillings.

These ice cream moon cakes comes in a box of 2 small moon cakes found in the frozen section of T&T.

Have you tried any non-traditional moon cakes or do you prefer the  traditional kind? I’d love to know what you think!

~ Carol (aka @bakingzen)

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