WMCFW Report: Hilary MacMillan In A Sultry Mood

Our team visited the World MasterCard Fashion Week (WMCFW) shows back-to-back yesterday. We checked into the Studio for Hilary MacMillan’s very sultry presentation of her Fall/Winter 2015 collection.

With the live performance by St. Royals, the women’s wear designer went for a moodier and darker tone for the line. MacMillan’s inspiration for the line is the Mexican tradition of celebrating the Day of the Dead focusing on time together with family and friends to remember those who have passed and to help them in their spiritual journey in the afterlife.

As in previous seasons, the designer turned to an artist close to her: “Cindy, my mother, and I collaborated again to create a moody skeleton and rose print,” explains the designer. “As a realist painter, she creates multiple paintings and sketches, which I then digitally alter to create a cohesive pattern. This season we wanted to convey the classic iconography of the Day of the Dead skull and rose you see portrayed in various artistic renderings of the holiday. We created a stunning dark and moody skull framed by two roses placed on top of a mosaic of roses. Another medium I am excited about this season is experimenting with laser cutting using the same skull icon through various outfits in this collection.”

Notables spotted in the front row seats were Elisha Cuthbert, Olympian Tessa Virtue, Cara Gee (Strange Empire), Carla Paselka (Maps to the Stars), Cory Lee (Degrassi) and many others.

Designer’s Website: hilarymacmillan.com 


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