We Tried It: Aveda’s New Dry Shampure

I’m a fan of dry shampoos and some are better than others. Aveda has announced the addition of Dry Shampure (in stores November 1, 2015) to their much loved line of haircare products. I’m already a fan of their Shampure line as there’s something so calming about that signature scent that is distinctly Aveda…and my hunny loves it too!

If you aren’t familiar with the history of the company, Aveda was founded in 1978 in Minneapolis with their creations of plant-based products for beauty professionals and consumers. They were considered innovators in the industry combining the principles of modern science and Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India. Products continue to be created with respect to the Earth and made with pure flower and plant essences.

I was invited to try out the new Aveda Dry Shampure last week at Civello Rosedale. When I visited this time  the salon on the main floor was bustling on a Thursday morning. It’s a tried and true salon for many. I knew the spa treatment rooms were on the second floor but one more flight of stairs led me to a very private third floor service space complete with a private garden terrace. This is the floor where clients go should they require a more discreet space.


I was introduced to Kristjan Hayden who I was already familiar with from his TV appearances as a beauty expert. He’s the Creative Director for Aveda Canada. With his warm and welcoming smile he introduced the Dry Shampure product that offers an innovative hair cleansing experience. It’s not like the others. The bottle itself is like a puffer that quickly and evenly disperses the powder and it’s not an aerosol so it’s more environmentally and travel friendly.

He tells me it’s “nature’s Dry Shampoo” and made will Cassasva and Oat powders combined with Aveda’s signature scent to absorb oil and impurities. What he also mentioned was that the stylists in the salon have already discovered that Dry Shampure does more than bridge you between washes. “It actually does three things. Not only does it revive hair but it also extends the life of styles offering volume and we’ve been loving it as a styling tool.”

Kristjan offered to do whatever I wanted to my hair so I can see for myself just what this product can do. I was asked to “come dirty” to the salon and I had a washed my hair two days prior but since he had mentioned that it could do more than the average dry shampoo, I really wanted to test out to see just how long I could go between washing. Yes, this is the research that I do for you! Hahaha!

All I could think about was the upcoming long weekend with everything I had to do and if I could save time doing my hair, that would be a bonus! So, with that in mind. Kristjan offered to do a full wash and blow-out using the Dry Shampure and I took him up on that. I mean, how often can you get a highly regarded stylist at his level to do your hair?!

IMG_2012After a much need scalp massage Kristjan puffed the Dry Shampure at the roots while my hair was still damp from the wash. This was a surprise to me and I was wondering if the powder would clump but it didn’t. It just melted into my hair. Then he styled my hair with loose long curls. I touched my roots and it didn’t feel like any product was there. That’s good.

After thanking him for the pampering, I went about my day prepping for other media interviews and the long weekend of entertaining. Each day after I’ve made a point of checking my roots to see if there was any signs of product flaking or greasiness.

It’s held up to what Kristjan had mentioned to me. So, here I am on Tuesday morning — 5 days later. I finally washed my hair only because I think I should. It still didn’t look or feel like I needed a wash yet and I probably could have gone another day but it’s another busy week.


  • Dry Shampure has proven lasting power without any feel of residue or worries of looking like product in your hair.
  • I love the light signature scent.
  • Easy to use and more than just a refresh in between washes.
  • The bottles are bioplastic that are easier on the environment. Refill bottles have even less packaging.





Sonya is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of AZNmodern.com. She is also a well-established contributing lifestyle writer to other sites and magazines sharing her passion for arts & culture, fashion, beauty, travel and food. Sonya is based in Toronto, Canada. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @theculturepearl


  • Reply October 21, 2015


    How often do you normally go between washes with your regular dry shampoo product? What type of hair do you have? Dry? Oily? Normal? Thin? Thick? Wavy?

    • Reply October 22, 2015


      Hi Caitlin, I have a lot of hair but fine. I’ve tried several dry shampoos and this one is pretty good. It leaves a nice scent and it’s versatile. You can use it when needed or, as Kristjan did on me, use it as a styling product as well to extend the life of a blow-out for example (apply it when hair is still damp in this case). Normally, I would use a dry shampoo a couple days after washing to save me for a couple more days.

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