Girl Eat World’s Kamini Pather Livin’ The Food Blogger’s Dream

I was in a Netflix kind of mood the other night, you know what I mean?  Hey “binge watching” is real. So, I had noticed a new title in the what’s new list that I zoned into fast and furiously. GIRL EAT WORLD had me won over by the title alone. At quick glance I could tell that the combination of food and travel highlighted in each episode was going to be a whole popcorn bowl’s worth of watching. And let’s just say that after the first episode, I was hungry for more.

Kamini Pather is the host of this series and each episode visits a different city. She describes the series as “a self-indulgent show about me and my experiences”. What’s cool about this series is she meets with food bloggers to get the insider’s POV of the local food scene. On her site, she explains that this show is about how bloggers share so very much of themselves with people they don’t usually get to meet so it’s very much about meeting bloggers that she follows online and how the people share their cities.

Photo Courtesy of Girl Eat World/Kamini Pather

GIRL EAT WORLD is young and offers a fresh perspective that takes viewers to some pretty cool spots and she’ll tell it like it is just like us bloggers do!  Actually, she started as a food blogger herself! But that’s not all! She was also the winner of MasterChef South Africa 2013 and now she’s living the food lover’s dream with her own show that’s drawing much attention world wide.

What I love about this series is that Kamini is totally relatable and the tone is more like hanging out with a friend and savouring the world rather than a tourism plug.  Through her eyes and experiences GIRL EAT WORLD brings the global food network closer in how we connect with food. It’s about the people just as much as it is about what we consume with our eyes and hearts. So, on that note I had reached out to Kamini to find out more.

How did you go about getting this show off the ground? I’m going to come right out to say you’re livin’ my dream job. 

KP: I certainly have been the envy of many wanderers 😉 This show came about on the back of my MasterChef SA win in 2013. The producers of the show, Lucky Bean Media, knew of my not-so-subtle want to have a TV show. We talked about the concept for months before we conceived of Girl Eat World.

You’ve mentioned that you were a food blogger and chef before the show. We all have different (or actually maybe the same) reasons to start a blog. What made you jump into this realm? 

KP:I started a blog because I had food experiences that I wanted to catalogue and share. The sharing aspect of the digital world make the experience come alive because you have people passionately agreeing or vehemently disagreeing. It’s that conversation around food that is intriguing.

Can you recall your first blog post?

KP: Oh yes 🙂 It was about my rather specific rules for toast – toasted to a crisp, never allowed to sweat onto the plate and served with cold, salted butter that is applied to the edges of the slice. Life is in the detail.

Each show in Girl Eat World has you meeting bloggers “in real life” and they are ones that you actually follow. There are so many of us so how did you narrow down who you’d like to feature? By the way, if you’re ever in Toronto (Canada) *smiles*

KP: With all the positive feedback from Canada, it is definitely on the season 2 wishlist!

I was involved in the production of this show and I scoured the internet for potential bloggers. I then skyped with them and made the final selection. We knew we were making TV and we needed the person to sparkle in the role. I looked for knowledge as well as connection. You can’t fake real interaction.

You’ve had the opportunity to try different cuisines around the world. Anything you’d wish to go back to? And what could you live without? I don’t think sea urchin is on top of your list? 

KP: The edit of the Tokyo episode didn’t include my appreciate for that sea urchin. I thought that it smelled like burnt rubber but that the taste was more like cream from the sea.

I would go back to eat many things! The yakitori in Tokyo, the caramelised pigs tongue with edamame beans in Sydney, the antichuchos in Lima, that pork sandwich with broccoli rabe and provolone at the Reading Terminal Market, the risotto milanese in milan…I could go on! Besides the 17 Day Embryo Egg ( The Balut) in Sydney, I would eat everything again and again and again!

So, us bloggers want to know…how do you find the time to post? and any tips?

KP: Life has become insanely busy and posting, as all of you know, is about regularity. I have taken to micro blogging through Instagram. I find that you one can post recipes and reviews and the visual content works perfectly.

Totally off topic…what do you binge watch on Netflix?

KP: Chef’s Table! What a beautifully and insightfully shot show. I have re-watch it. I’m addicted! I also loved Inside The Mind Of A Chef, as well as Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown – amazing what can be done with CNN cash 😉

Please tell me your working on another season?

I am! I’ve been searching for blogs and online personalties. Yes, I have made a note of you, @theculturepearl 😉

Oooooh! Awesome! Toronto is anxiously waiting for you Kamini!

GIRL EAT WORLD Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix Canada.


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