Top 5 Tips On Choosing The Best Hat For Your Face Shape

I love wearing hats but I’ve come to the realization that I may not suit every style out there. When I hit the shops I’m trying them on to find just the perfect style. I had no luck for a while but then I received these tips on how to find the right hat for my face shape and used it for guidance. It was great to keep in mind and I discovered that as much as I love the floppy fedoras out there…I simply needed to select one that wasn’t so floppy that I would get lost in it! I think I made a pretty decent choice, finally!

If you don’t know what face shape you are (and I wasn’t sure myself) this gives you an idea…

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Now here are Top 5 Tips On Choosing The Best Hat For Your Face Shape from the team of experts at Tilley. Yep, that iconic Canadian label known for their exceptionally well made outdoor and adventure wear. They’ve recently collaborated with fashion illustrator and designer darling Jocelyn Teng (we LOVE her!) to help breathe a very fashionable life into the brand that’s definitely turning heads.

Jocelyn Teng for Tilley

TIP #1: There are no hat police

The number 1 rule of hats is that there are no rules. Hats can be a bold statement piece and should reflect your personality, your individuality and most importantly – your confidence. Whatever hat you choose – own it and make it your own. Ladies may want to take a unisex hat (like The Town + Country Fedora) and add a feather, brooch, scarf or pin to personalize and add a touch of feminity.

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Tilley - The MontanaTIP #2: If you have a round face…

Selecting a silhouette that flatters your face shape is all about blaance. So a round face (face width and length are similar and widest point is the cheeks) are best balanced by a higher crown and medium brim. Try The Montana – a cold-weather classic for men or women – made from 100% wool felt and treated for rain, snow and is stain repellent.

Screen shot 2015-12-01 at 11.49.25 AMTIP #3: If you have a long face (or forehead)…

Your face gracefully tapers towards the chin, and you may have a prominent or elongated forehead. Go for a rounded, or lowered profile, crown to balance – like the Vintage Cloche Hat – available in four colours (burgundy, black charcoal with burgundy trim, brown with burnt orange trim). Serious style, with all the practical features of a winter hat (tuckaway ear warmers, secret pocket and fully lined).

TIP #4: If you have a heart-shapped face…

For a face that strongly tapers to the chin with the widest point being the temples, use the brim of your hat to balance facial features. The key is for the brim to be wider than the chin and to look for good coverage of the forehead. A solid choice would be everyone’s favourite, the Floppy Brim Fedora. Be playful with the positioning! A little tilt to one side can give a sultry, mysterious look.

Jocelyn Teng for Tilley

Tilley Tec-Wool DuckbillTIP #5: If you have an oval face…

Lucky You! With a wider forehead, tapering chin and prominent cheekbones, your face shape is ideal for any style of hat, and any size of crown or brim. Have fun with the options and experiment with different styles that best reflect your mood and personality! And don’t forget about the caps. The Tec-Wool Duckbill or Tec-Cork Ivy Cap – are a nod to vintage style and great for long or short hair. for more details!



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