New Netflix Docu-series COOKED calls us back to the kitchen

Just a couple of weeks ago Jen (aka foodpr0n) and I were trekking the city core to celebrate National Croissant Day. She’s one of the most passionate foodies I know. But not only does she support our city’s chefs and bakers by consuming as much goodness as she can, Jen also is very interested in the process. she told me about her upcoming travels to learn more from her aunties and uncles in Asia that totally was inspiring and I can’t wait to see her Instagram posts. Jen’s constantly getting back into kitchen and experimenting and perfecting her cooking techniques. It something that I completely admire and to say that she’s has an influence on me is an understatement. I feed off her enthusiasm and it just adds to my own interest of learning not only to explore new methods but to return to the traditions in the kitchen that have been passed down from previous generations. Joong is one thing I’m completely on a mission to learn.

At some point in time many of us lost our way out of the kitchen in favour of faster meals so we can spend more time doing other things. First there was fast food and cheaper food. I’m sure many of us had instant noodles and frozen prepared meals at some point in our lives. Then we sounded the alarms, read the labels and started called out the food manufacturers.  Now we’re hungry to take back the time in the kitchen and learn what it means to slow down… and it’s worth it.

With that delicious thought, Netflix has announced the latest original docu-series Cooked, a 4-part series that will begin streaming on February 19.

From best-selling author Michael Pollan (The Botany of Desire, The Omnivore’s DilemmaIn Defense of Food), Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney (Steve Jobs: The Man in the MachineTaxi to the Dark Side, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room), and an all-star cast of directors and cinematographers comes Cooked, which examines the primal human need to cook and issues a clarion call for a return to the kitchen in order to reclaim lost traditions and restore balance to our lives. Each of the series’ four episodes examines one of the physical elements used throughout the ages to transform raw ingredients into delicious dishes through cooking: fire, water, air, and earth.




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