Trending: Cutest Must-Have Enamel Pins

I’ve been a little obsessed with enamel pins. They are starting to pop up everywhere as the hottest accessory to express yourself. It’s a perfect style trend that offers the ability to mix and match to your daily mood. Fun to pin to bring life to drab coats, jackets and sweaters or anywhere else you fancy! I love this trend as it’s also affordable. Keep a few handy to swap with (or gift) friends. It’s a fun perk-me-up for everyone.  I’m finding prices are hovering around $10 to $20 each. But the fun is also in the search for some unique pins.

Here are some that I’ve found that I’m absolutely going bananas over…(I’ve linked to their Etsy pages here but I’ve also included their own websites if you want more info)

Toronto based Queenie’s Cards has an adorable selection of cartoony designs with funny sayings. The artist graduated from Ryerson University and was a graphic designer and photographer for five years. She founded her own line of cards, stationery and gifts in 2008 and has expanded into creating the enamel pins. Donuts, airmail, sushi, waffles and more. Look on her website, for release dates of each design. ($13.41 Canadian per pin on Etsy)

Photo Credit: Queenie's Cards

Pineapple game continues to be strong this spring and summer. These cool “think sunny thoughts” pinas can be found at Etsy by Canadian artisan rletain ($12 Canadian per pin on Etsy)

Photo credit: Etsy/rletain

Hero Panda will always save the day! This hand-made 14k gold plated pin is by artist mehoi based in Toronto. The entire collection is adorable (go see the rice cooker and the bunny) I am melting! ($20.12 Canadian per pin on Etsy)

Photo credit: Etsy/mehoi

StudioVcky’s sweet little strawberry milk cartons are silver plated and made to order. Designer Vcky is an illustrator based in Toronto. ($13.41 Canadian per pin on Etsy)

Photo credit: Etsy/StudioVcky

Who doesn’t love a Boston Terrier or Frenchie Bull Dog? Toronto based artists, Stephanie Drabik and Rose Chang collectively work on the label crywolf. They pride themselves on limited edition work in hand-printed clothing and accessories. Their quirky and cute characters are on everything…including pins! ($13.41 Canadian per pin on Etsy)

Photo credit: Etsy/crywolf

You use to call me on my cell phone…but now I’ve got this pin to remind me of when you needed my love. CashewNeedlesAndInk’s Drake tear pin is a hot commodity now. The design team of Chris Tew and Cassie Leigh say they just liking making things and thought people would just like their weird sense of humour — their other designs include zombies and horror flick references. ($12.50 Canadian per pin on Etsy)

Photo credit: Etsy/CashewNeedlesAndInk











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