REVIEW: A look at the small but mighty iPhone SE

When I look back to Apple announcing the larger iPhone 6 Plus I can recall all the conversations from people surprised at the larger size. The chatter about how it was too big soon soften to “how did I ever function on the smaller screen?” I got pretty comfortable with the size up even though it didn’t quite fit into my pocket anymore. It didn’t matter. Most of us who made the switch fell in love. Then recently Apple introduced the iPhone SE.  So, who is that for? I admit that it’s been hard to break away from my love for the iPhone 6S Plus to test out. But as I played around with the new edition, I soon realized that the return to the smaller version has incredible appeal.

If you’re someone who’s been lusting over iPhones because you’re getting a bit of FOMO from what your friends can do with theirs…BUT you can’t stomach the pricepoint, then this iPhone SE is for you.  Basically, you can have your cake and eat it too.

The iPhone SE is all power even going back to the more compact 4-inch size. It has the same A9 chip that’s in the iPhone 6S so it means it’s response rate is pretty darn awesome! No worries on running all your apps. It’s still pretty fast.

What Apple did do however is taken away a few bells and whistles on the new iPhone. The pressure sensing 3D touch technology is gone but if you haven’t ever experienced that, it’s okay, you won’t know what you’re missing and it’s probably not on your radar anyway when it comes to shopping for smartphones. The Touch ID sensor is still there but an older version. No big deal. However, what is a big deal is the core of this device is pretty much the same as an iPhone 6 only it’s gone retro to a smaller size (most similar to an iPhone 5) and it feels solid.

photo credit: sonya d

The camera is my most used feature on my iPhone and the new SE is just as good as the 6 and 6S. Images are just as sharp and colours just as vivid. The most noticeable change between iPhone pics were when I made the jump from an iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6S. Just like the big sister, you can even shoot 4K video and edit on this device.

As for battery life, this smaller version packs a punch. The battery has been holding up the same as my iPhone 6S Plus. Thank goodness and it can fit in my pocket once again.

iPhone SE 16 GB starts at $579. 64 GB goes for $709. Incredible pricing for Apple’s latest model for all it’s power and beauty.


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