Chef Ming Tsai’s Blue Dragon, Boston

Nestled in the nooks of the industrial Seaport area of Boston is the latest entry by the famous “East meets West” Chef Ming Tsai. Blue Dragon is just merely 5 months old following in the footsteps of the established Blue Ginger.

Blue DragonBlue Dragon is a comfortable “gastropub”. It’s kinda like that cool younger brother who just wants to chill out. The vibe is definitely more laid-back and casual. Dark wood panels with hints of asian decor elements makes for a younger and more relaxed eating environment. The staff is chill and the food menu is not too fussy yet intriguing! Lunch time serves up a list of delicious Blue DragonBanh Mi Sandwiches – continuing the “east meets west” theme. I had the roasted pork, mortadella, and house-made pate sandwich that was accompanied with house made taro chips and a side of Asian slaw salad. I also had the coconut chicken and basil soup that had the perfect amount of tang! My drink was a refreshing ginger beer. The menu changes slightly depending on time of day with more tapas style dishes in the evenings. And don’t expect a massive dessert selection at this point. The only thing you’ll find is the house-made chocolate chip cookie (for now) but it gets a little dressier on the dinner menu served with ice cream and soy caramel sauce! Yum!

Blue Dragon doesn’t take reservations so it’s first come, first serve. It is open for lunch and dinner. There’s an extensive beer, wine, cocktail, sake list and their own in-house “mixologist” to tend to your thirst quenching needs.

Ming TsaiIt just so happened that Chef Ming Tsai was there when I had visited! He’s was wonderful to meet and of course, he probably thought I was stalking him as the next day as I just so happen to be at The Bristol Lounge in the Four Seasons Hotel┬áhaving dinner with the family — he was there with Chef Brooke Vosika at the Double Cross Vodka, Double Chef Night event!

Blue Dragon is located at 324 A Street, Boston. Visit the website at





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