Macaron Obsession at Butter Avenue

My first macaron experience was at the mecca of the macaron world. It was 10 years ago when I first stepped foot into Laduree in Paris along the Champs Elysees.  My eyes grew wide and I can remember the woman behind the glass counter with her white gloves delicately placing each morsel into the beautiful violet coloured box. It was my first trip to Paris.  My first macaron.– I fell in love.

So, what is it about the macaron? I know that many of us are obsessed with them. In the past few years many patisseries in Toronto have popped up and as the saying goes “the macaron is the new cupcake”. It seems like everyone is making them. Some better than others.

I had the honour of being one of the “Official Macaron Ambassadors” this past year in Toronto. This is a day that is celebrated globally in cities like Paris, Japan, and New York.  I’m not quite sure how the organizers found me to bestow this honour….er, maybe it was my obsessive postings on twitter?

Never mind. I was happy to eat my way through the city and posing with macarons in hand!

I’m happy to spread the word. Macarons are delicious and maybe a little indulgent but a worthy treat. One of my favourite spots in the city is BUTTER AVENUE.

Photo Courtesy of Butter Avenue

Photo Courtesy of Butter Avenue

If you haven’t been, RUN! Cordon Bleu trained Head Pastry Chef, Tina Su, is a perfectionist and her macarons have been deemed one of the best in the city. I’ve visited the little unassuming shop in uptown Toronto and have noticed that many of her fans travel from near and far to get their “fix”.

Butter Avenue Pastries

Butter Avenue Pastries

Tina  also loves a good challenge  and has a playful way of creating some of the most unique macaron flavours in the city like Black Sesame, Green Tea Matcha, Hot Tamale, and Popcorn just to name a few. All worth trying but she also delivers on customer favourites like Lavender, Caramel Sea Salt, Pistachio,  and Earl Grey. I’m often checking out their Facebook page as they will announce any limited-edition flavours. Her brother Calvin runs the front of the cafe and shop. He’s a real sweetheart. They are passionate about their products and it shows. They are humble and gracious. I recall a young woman entering the shop and squealing with delight. She was gushing as if the macarons were like “rock stars”.

If you have the time, indulge yourself and sit in for their Afternoon Tea Service. It’s luxurious! (Note that reservations is a must for this.)

BUTTER AVENUE is located at 3467 Yonge Street, Toronto.

Visit their website for more information at



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