Wine on Tap?

Move over bottle service…there’s a new kid in town. VERSAY has introduced a new way to enjoy one of our favourite beverages. It’s wine on tap! Why not? The concept is already taken hold in some big US cities and in Europe.

Versay Wine Tasting Launch Event at the Eight Wine Bar, Cosmopolitan Hotel (Toronto)

Versay Wine Tasting Launch Event at the Eight Wine Bar, Cosmopolitan Hotel (Toronto)

The idea makes sense and helps eliminate the heavy bottles that are not only an environmental downside but is more efficient without compromising the end product.  At a recent event held at the cool Eight Wine Bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in downtown Toronto, wine lovers and media were invited to enjoy a variety of big reds and crisp whites.

VERSAY‘s Canadian representative, Jean-Francois Bieler tells us that wineries from around the world have jumped on board with this idea. Wine countries represented include Spain, Portugal, California, France, Italy and VQA Ontario. Over 50 wineries are on the roster.

“We are taking the snobbery out of enjoying a great glass of wine,” says Bieler.

Wine by the glass and on tap is a great idea! So, just go with the flow! A few other great reasons? It takes the worry about leaving a bottle opened for too long for oxygen to affect the product.  A group of friends don’t have to be stuck sharing a bottle that may not be to everyone’s liking.

1016650_10152637355345190_11605673_nVERSAY‘s roster of wines are available in various restaurants and bars currently in Ontario and Quebec, but I’ve also discovered if you’re having a wedding, big party or a corporate event this may be a great addition to your entertaining needs!

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