The Ramen Bowl

The other day I was at Senotei. A little ramen joint in Toronto along a scrubby stretch of Dundas Street West. It wasn’t too busy given the time of day and season. Having a late lunch means being able to score a seat! Yay, me!

I don’t know about you but I’m constantly craving ramen. It’s comfort food, if you know what I mean. In the big city there are plenty of ramen spots to go to. I love Kinton Ramen on Baldwin too.

My first time there had me waiting outside for 45 minutes for a seat. I can recall that particular hot and humid summer day.  Wearing almost next to nothing of a little summer dress. I was wilting as I politely slurped my noodles squeezed in between a couple of cute business guys in suits.

The ramen here is good isn’t it?” one says to me as I tried to discreetly slurp up a noodle.

Oh, the noodles are delicious here,” I replied.

Um…it sure is hot in here, isn’t it?”  I continued then quickly after wondering if he thought I was flirting unintentionally. He smiles back as the guy on the other side cleared his throat. Oh geez.

That stereotypical image of a demure petite asian female…was. not. happening.

Kinton Ramen

Kinton Ramen

The chefs at the open kitchen seemed to be watching every mouthful I took and smiling every so often as if they were asking “is everything okay?“. I blushed and smiled back as I absorbed every spoonful of delicious broth. The wait and the heat was worth every moment.

There are many ramen spots in the city and my friends are constantly debating who’s got the best. Momofuku’s? Kinton? Senotei?

Anywhere else you would recommend?

Where is your favourite spot?


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