A Rendez-Vous with Nadège Patisserie

Sonya and I share a lot of the same interests, and I feel I should write about Nadège, my favourite macaron place in Toronto. Why must I do this? Because a difference in opinion makes an interesting debate. I need to also note, Butter Avenue is one of my top 3 macaron places. Their hot tamale is one of my all time faves. But since they have a stellar write-up, my goal is to tell you about Nadège.


Nadège Nourian is a fourth generation pastry chef born in Lyon, France. I remember when I first heard about this store, I was in Muskoka, and some random guy asked me where I was from, and if I have ever heard of Nadège. Once this happens, I am on the quest to look it up and go. It was a treat right from the get-go.. and dare I say…. dare I…? I like it more than Ladurée, New York! There I said it.. but that is my opinion only. Granted, I never had the macarons in France, so it could be a matter of location, and the slightly different ingredients.

I love Nadège because of the delicious  flavours I got in this 6 pack:

Pistachio, matcha green tea, chocolate, blackberry chocolate and cherry chocolate. The taste is like a party in my mouth, and the textures melts on my tongue. You see a theme right? Chocolate is my vice, but believe it or not, pistachio is my favourite hands down for this bunch. Otherwise, I have a huge weakness for salted caramel, but alas, they ran out. All I want to do is take a bite of each one and leave the rest for the husband, but alas, I will share properly.


The service here is impeccable, with a very personal staff. I have been to both locations, and they are on par with all the classy establishments in the areas that they are in. In the West Queen West, there is a gorgeous patio, and marvelous sandwiches. The atmosphere in there is clean, with the right amount of trendiness, without the hipsterness.

Rendez-vous with Nadège, and let me know if you enjoy the textures, taste, and the colourfulness of the treats.

Nadège Patisserie


Queen West Location
780 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON
M6J 1G2
T. 001.416.368.2009


Rosedale Location
1099 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON
M4W 2L7
T. 001.416.968.2011

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