The Chinese Compliment

It happened again the other day. I received a lovely compliment…I think. You see, it’s taken me a few years of adulthood to understand the Chinese compliment. I suspect that other asian cultures are similar.

I was at the nail salon the other day getting a mani. I insisted on a non-traditional French mani using colours. My local nail salon loves it when I come in as I like to sometime jazz up what I do and it breaks up their mundane day of the same old conservative stuff they do. The nail technician was so excited when she was done. “This looks really good!” she exclaimed. “They don’t look real!”

Nails done in the new VINYLUX Weekly Nail Polish by CND World. Colours in Masquerade and Silver Chrome.

Nails done in the new VINYLUX Weekly Nail Polish by CND World. Colours in Masquerade and Silver Chrome.


They don’t look real???

Is THAT a compliment????

I flashed back to a few years ago. I had made some home-made chocolate chip cookies. My mom tried them and said “Wah…they are so good they taste like they were store bought!”

Okay, I’m not sure about you but I don’t want my home-made anything tasting like something you bought in the store..unless it’s a gourmet food store and in the freshly made section, of course. But you know our parents consider it a compliment. What they really mean is that it’s good enough to be sold at a store.

Another time my Korean friend said “You look like you’ve put on some weight. Not like me fading away.” she said. After seeing my non-poker face drop to the ground she explained “What I mean is your face is full of colour and you look healthier than before…not that you’re fat!”

Thanks. I think.

By the way, yes they are real…and yes they are spectacular!


FYI…I’m currently testing out the new VINYLUX weekly nail polish by CND World. I’m a fan of their Shellac system already but with this new line, I can do my nails at home as well as in the salon. This new polish will dry in approximately 8 minutes and  lasts for at least a week to 10 days with no chipping or peeling. So far, so good!

This post was not sponsored, nor was I compensated. I was provided  the new VINYLUX Weekly Nail Polish by CND World for review purposes only. 


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