Take My Breathe Away

Have you ever travelled somewhere that just leaves you breathless? In a good way, of course. Recently, hubby and I travelled to the south of France. He has a love for European countries and we’re trying to work down our bucket list. We chose France this summer because a) I love art b) he loves cars c) we love historical sites d) we like to eat e) it’s beautiful. We’ve been to Paris before and that was a great trip but this time we wanted to move away from that a bit.

“Can we stay in a castle?” I asked him a few months back. He laughed and found a charming spot that’s a chateau. Close enough. He did a bit of research he mapped out a trip that had us starting in Nice and venturing to Cannes, Grasse, Monaco, and Eze.

Eze Village, France

If you haven’t heard of EZE, you’ll want to make a stop there. If you’re a romantic and want to experience something magical this medieval village set on the top of a cliff. Apparently even Walt Disney himself spent time there and the backdrop served as inspiration for a few of his films.

Nestled just on the fringe of Monaco is this stone village once owned by the King of Spain. You can’t drive up the mountain though. Cars are parked along the foot of the village and everyone walks. Inside the village are tiny curio shops, restaurants, cafes, and art galleries. It also includes two luxury hotels The Chevre D’Or ¬†and The Chateau Eza that boosts 10 guest rooms with individual entrance ways. Both have bars worth visiting for the spectacular views of the sea.

If you can splurge a bit have dinner at the Michelin starred restaurant at Chateau Eza. We celebrated our actual anniversary there with this spectacular view….

Chateau Eze, France

At night, Eze is stunning as the lamps light up the stone walls and there aren’t too many people around but those who are staying in the hotels. A walk through the maze of corridors transports you back a few centuries. We stumbled upon the cemetery that is centuries old. I honestly couldn’t set foot inside it after sunset. The people who live and work in the village are warm and inviting. Once the day tourists are gone everyone seems to unwind and no one is in a hurry. A young gallery owner, who’s also a French hip hop musician, invited us to just hang out one night as we were admiring the village. We sat on his stoop and drank wine and chatted for a while. That’s the vibe. It’s very chill.

Eze, France

For breakfast we found a little patio run by a young couple who brings in fresh croissants from the city daily. With our morning lattes we sit with them before the tourist buses come around again and offload the shutterbugs from around the world. We laughed together when they shared a GrooveShark mix of disco and old school tunes only in French. It’s 8 am and we are already in the mood to party .

You would think that the glam of Monaco or the glitz of Cannes would have won me over. Yes, they were nice but Eze is something unique and special.


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