An Elegant Soirée • Le Dîner en Blanc

Le Dîner en Blanc began in Paris, France with a group of friends over 25 years ago by François Pasquier. The beauty of this soiree is to spend time with friends while enjoying a 3 course meal, with fine cutlery, linens and of course carrying your own tables and chairs, wearing your most beautiful white clothes. Every year, the friends you invite, ask their own friends, therefore essentially doubling every year. This event is hosted in many different cities all over the world. Countries include: Canada, US, Mexico, Haiti, Rwanda, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Russia, just to name a few. Up to 15,000 people attend this classy evening.

This is the second official year DEB has ran in Toronto on August 29, 2013. Nicholas Wong, Robert Morassutti and Jessica Tan are the Co-Founders & Hosts, Diner en Blanc Toronto. A lot of work is done to secure a secret venue, booking the multiple entertainments, making sure the different locations have a leader to direct them in the right location and table numbers. Some travel on foot, and others by streetcar or TTC.

It is quite the spectacle to see everyone dressed up in their finest, and carrying their picnic, tables and chairs to the venue. From the inside, it’s a giggle because I know a secret the outside doesn’t know. From the outside a lot of people were asking us what we were doing and why we were wearing white.

This year a total of 1,600 people attended this event. Each year, people get more elaborate and more creative. The entertainment is above stellar, and the festivities are just thrilling, with people dancing, and enjoying their wine, bought at the venue. I look forward to DEB every year.

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Napkin Waving to begin the night


My beautiful date every year, ARW.


A not so great pic.. but you get the gist!


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