TIFF • A Touch of Sin • A Tale of 3 Murders and a Suicide


A Touch of Sin is a movie that tugs you into your deepest, darkest core of your soul. The director Jia Zhang-Ke illustrates incidents that are widely known across China, about 3 murderers and a suicide, and will get into your mind on why, and how these people felt the need to do this. One storyline follows a young woman who is a mistress who gets beaten down physically and with hurtful words. Eventually this leads her to commit murder to get even with injustice and insecurities. The movie is designed in such a way that you feel for these people, and rocks you even more because you know these incidents are real. In the movie, you feel you get to know the people a bit more personally, and what drives them to commit these murders, and suicide. It shocked me in many levels, because I felt sorry for them, and it made me quite sad to see them lose their last minds. You be the judge, and let me know your opinion.

This film was awarded the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Screenplay, 2013. It will make its North American debut at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

A-Touch-of-Sin-Zhou-San-Wang-Baoqiang-01-Copyright-Xstream-Pictures-Beijing A-Touch-Of-Sin-Xiao-Yu-Zhao-Tao-01-Copyright-Xstream-Pictures-Beijing2
Wednesday September 11 • TIFF Bell Lightbox 1 • 9:00PM
Thursday September 12 • Ryerson Theatre • 2:30PM
“A corrosive depiction of the New China.”
LA Times (US)“A powerful portrait of contemporary China.”
Cine Vue (UK)“An angry, painful, satirical lunge into what the director clearly sees as the dark heart of modern China.”
The Guardian (UK)
Original Title: “Tian zhu ding”
2013 / 129 Minutes / China / Japan
With English SubtitlesDirected by Jia Zhangke
Cast: Jiang Wu, Meng Li, Lanshan Luo, Baoqiang Wang, Jiayi Zhang, Zhao Tao
Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Screenplay, 2013

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