Pan American Food Festival a la Harbourfront Centre


Harbourfront Centre has this wonderful reputation for being culturally diverse with their weekend themes. On the weekend of September 20-22 they will be hosting an event for the Pan American Food Festival. The feature country will be Columbia with Chefs from around the world, especially with one of our local best Donna Dooher from Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. Divinely delicious Colombian food, as well as a diverse selection of North, Central, South American specialties will be served at this festive party.

The Pan American Food Festival will have food demonstrations with one of the Latin America’s very own renowned chef Maricel Presilla. The diversity in Latin America will also include food demos with local and international chefs from (of course) Columbia, Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and Peru.

Live music always makes me want to groove! Alredo De La Fe, Henry Vivel & Orchestra, Orquestra Fantasia, Cafe Con Pan, Luis Mario Ochoa & The Cuba Traditional Sextet and The Arsenals will all be headlining throught out the event. I have been getting into the mood by Youtubing all their music, and what a great way to party, and try to learn to salsa, merengue and samba! And because music and dancing go hand in hand, there will also be a carnival-style samba with Grupo Axé Capoeira, Bachata Dance, Tango, Salsa workshops! Fun, fun, fun, and everybody can join in!

Which leads me to tell you, there are kid-friendly activities too, such as food demonstrations (see the theme…?), and eco-habit painting, whistles made with carrots and henna painting.

One thing I absolutely love, and that is dear to my heart are Art Exhibitions. I love that Harboufront always creates the link between theme and culture, and voila, we learn. What’s lovely is that this exhibition for this event is called Childhood: Yummy Memories, which looks into artists and what their favourite meal was as a child. The plate is used as a canvas, and different mediums to create.

I am looking forward to the Pan American Food Festival. This beautiful event was conceptualized by Daniel Garcia-Herreros, who is so passionate about his culture and heritage, I felt his enthusiasm when he was telling me about it. I am hoping the weather will warm up and everyone can dance and eat the night away… Oh and before I forget to tell you.. it’s FREE ADMISSION.

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