#uncapped party with vitaminwater & Fader

I was told to “save the date”. The invitation to the #uncapped party came to my attention just as TIFF got underway. Hosted by vitaminwater and FADER  it was part of a unique concert series that’s been hitting New York all summer. Each concert brings a DJ and a band or two from different genres. Neither the Toronto venue, nor were the performers, revealed until less than a week to the date.

uncapped event TorontoI was excited! The previous vitaminwater event I was invited to was an amazing experience so I knew this was definitely not to be missed. Previous #uncapped events around New York and surrounding areas combined emerging musicians in some of the most unconventional spaces like Solange who performed with Justin Strauss in a Brooklyn laundromat, and  JoJo with Casey Veggies in the Alger House – an old house in the West Village.

The Toronto party was held on the 10th floor of the CBC building – can you get any more corporate? As we walked through the corridors of images of children’s television shows we landed in what normally would be a production studio.

vitaminwater was flowing, naturally, as Drake producer  Boi-1da pumped the beats down low before the young all-girl band Pottymouth performed their set to the happily hydrated.

uncapped with vitaminwater and FaderChromeo was also scheduled to take the stage but with an unforeseen flight delay from New York, the event organizers managed to pull Dragonette into the mix in a stealth-like move. Front singer Martina Sorbara apparently had planned to hang out at the party anyway and the crowd LOVED IT!  The party went past the 11 pm curfew and at about midnight another surprise was announced. An afterparty would continue at the WrongBar with Chromeo who did not disappoint playing till the wee hours in the morning!

This was an amazing event in Toronto and I loved how it brought together the unexpected and extremes from venue to performers. A brilliant combination indeed!

Thanks to vitaminwater for the invite to this kick-ass party!!!!! For more information and interviews in the #uncapped series check out the FADER and vitamin water #uncapped events page. 

Check out FADER at www.fader.com for the latest in music, arts & culture and style.

Okay kids… Here’s a teaser for Chromeo’s latest “Over Your Shoulder”

uncapped event with vitaminwater and fader Toronto


uncapped vitaminwater and fader


(my morning after detox)

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