On a Sunday Autumn evening, I was invited to a “soft opening” for Toronto’s latest hotspot Hudson Kitchen. It had just recently opened in time for TIFF for a few private parties that included stars like Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins and Will Forte . The new resto located in Dundas St West, is what I would describe as a “hidden gem”. As soon as I arrived at the location, I was immediately impressed and reminded of the painting “Nighthawks” by Edward Hopper. With large windows and dim mood lighting, you can’t help but stop and look in. You are immediately drawn to an inviting atmosphere with a circular horseshoe bar and candle light.

Hudson Kitchen - photo credit: Ryan DAs I entered, I was greeted by Jay Meyers, the in-house mixologist. Now I kid you not! Jay Meyers is “The Bartender” the next evolution of the breed. I sat down by the bar and ordered a cocktail off the list. Jay built the drink and finished off the salami and apple garnish with a mini-blow torch. By torching the salami, the apple got infused with a smokey BBQ taste. Simply divine!

I asked Jay to work me down the cocktail list as I went through the menu. I ordered the Seared Pork Testina, for an app followed by the BC Steelhead Trout.

The atmosphere was extremely inviting and cozy. When my food arrived, the server, would describe the dish in a romanticized way, of days of old, as I smelled wafts of the food, drifting towards me. I have to apologize in advance, I immediately dug into the food, before remembering to take a photo for you folks. (The smell was intoxicating!)

The Seared Pork Testina was absolutely delicious.  The pork was so tender, it melted in my mouth. Every part of the dish was so well thought out.  I was lost in a moment of euphoria with the blend of flavours – completely complementing each other to create a unique, mouth savouring whole.

Hudson Kitchen - photo credit: Ryan D.Three delicious cocktails in my main arrived. The BC trout, although it looked like salmon – was no salmon. Perfectly cooked, with a blend of veggies and sauces to complement it, I devoured the entire meal – neglecting to snap a quick photo. Sorry folks – it smelled soo good, and tasted amazing!  I couldn’t stop till I polished the plate clean.

For dessert I had the Almond and Grape Panna Cotta. As Jay described it was sort of a peanut and butter jelly dessert. Boy, was it great! The dessert was made with (Concord Grapes) locally sourced, coconut milk and fresh bread crumbs, it was the icing on the cake!

A few fabulous cocktail creations later and, I must say, I will definitely head to Hudson Kitchen again! Actually, I already have.

Hudson Kitchen is located at 800 Dundas Street West in Toronto. Phone 416-644-8839.

Visit their official website at

— Guest post by Ryan D. who will be joining us as a regular columnist!

Hudson Kitchen - Photo credit;:Ryan D.

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