L’Occitane en Provence

I had first discovered L’Occitane when I was staying at the Four Seasons Hotel on a business trip almost 10 years ago. I instantly fell in love with the Verbena harvest collection and this everyday luxury line has been a staple in my life ever since.

The company’s history started with a 23 year old Olivier Baussan who distilled and sold his own essential oil at local markets in the south of France. As a craftsman that stayed true to the traditional arts of Marseille soap making and so L’Occitane began. Olivier ensured that the techniques and the use of the finest ingredients available in France were carried onward.

L'Occitane on Bloor, TorontoHowever , Olivier was also interested in learning about worldly beauty traditions. In 1980, he travelled to Africa and met with the women of Burkina Faso, Africa and discovered the incredible nourishing qualities of Shea butter. The company made a fair trade commitment to the women who harvest the Shea nuts for the products who in turn support their families. Today, the Shea Butter products are some of the best selling items with L’Occitane. In 2006 L’Occitane Foundation was created to support the blind and the economic emancipation of women. You’ll notice that Braille is included on every product!

IMG_6245L’Occitane is known world wide as a premium merchant of fine skin and beauty products.¬†This past weekend, L’Occitane opened their newly renovated Bloor Street store in Toronto’s Yorkville shopping district. The beautifully laid-out location is easy to navigate through their various lines and the staff is extremely knowledgeable. I will be reviewing a few items in the coming weeks for you.

This location also ¬†includes luxurious pampering stations should you need a quick relaxing hand scrub or massage. Men are also taken care of with an experience of a French traditional shave and expertise advice on skin care. Walking into the new shop is an experience for all your senses and even the smallest details are taken care of. The use of straw market bags is a nice touch! Look around and you’ll find a chandelier made with tubes made of their famously popular hand creme. You can smell the scents that carry back to Provence and even enjoy a cup of herbal tea!

Visit the new location at 102 Bloor Street West in Toronto. Hey, guys! Call 416-413-4899 to book your personal shave ahead of time!

L'Occitane on Bloor, Toronto


L'Occitane on Bloor, Toronto


L'Occitane on Bloor, Toronto



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