Mirvish Productions presents I Love Lucy


Sirena Irwin as Lucy and Bill Mendieta as Ricky in the national tour of I LOVE LUCY® LIVE ON STAGE. Photo by Jeremy Daniel.

You ever go to a show, and you are doubling up with laughter coz of the humour from the 50s? I definitely did with I Love Lucy.

The class, the sass, the styles from the 1950’s had me gaping at their fabulous fashion. The actor Sirena Irwin (@sirena_irwin) played Lucy was spot on with her acting, her laughter, her exaggerated facial expressions of the original Lucille Ball. Bill Mendieta (@bill_mendieta) who plays Ricky Ricardo had me at his signature tone of “Lucccy!!!!! I’m home!!!!”. These 2 were casted perfectly, coz they talked and acted just like the famous duo.

The set design was another favourite of mine to watch. I loved watching it transform before my eyes to different sets. The show was designed in such a way that we were the live audience at a studio taping. So there were rolling cameras and a stage manager. There were even commercials during the “taping”!

One thing that was really interesting for me was that we were watching the show in colour, when I was used to watching the original TV show in black and white.

Definitely a must-see!

Go on www.mirvish.com to get tickets, and you won’t be disappointed.

Joanna Daniels as Ethel and Sirena Irwin as Lucy in the Chicago production of I LOVE LUCY® LIVE ON STAGE (Photo by JustinBarbin.com)

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