Jackie Chan supports new film Gambling On Extinction

UN Goodwill Ambassador, and superstar actor, Jackie Chan steps up and announces that he will be supporting the production of Gambling on Extinction, an investigative documentary about the illegal trade of wildlife products, specifically ivory, rhino horn and tiger body parts. It’s a 20 billion dollar illegal industry fuelled by consumer demand.

Gambling on Extinction reveals the lethal mechanisms of the global trade in rare and endangered species, and investigates the structures behind it. Moreover, it serves as a wakeup call for consumers; without them there would be no market for these products and therefore no trade.

According to the film’s research, wildlife trafficking has become the most lucrative black-market business after the trade in drugs and weapons. A shocking example…the horn of an adult rhino fetches $200,000 – a kilo is sold for $50,000.

UN Ambassador and Actor Jackie Chan. Photo Courtesy of Gambling on Extinction GAT/PR

UN Ambassador and Actor Jackie Chan. Photo Courtesy of Gambling on Extinction GAT/PR

“The number of elephants poached in the last year is one every 15 minutes,” says Jackie Chan. “That is shocking and for what? Another trinket, another carving? Everyone should dispel the myths that ivory jewelry and carvings are made from tusks that have fallen off the elephant or from elephants that have died of natural causes. This is simply not true. Elephants are being hunted and killed for their tusks. The only way to stop the slaughter is to cut the demand. We are all consumers so we can all make a difference.”

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Jakob Kneser treks across the savannahs and jungles of Africa and Southeast Asia to trading hubs in China, Vietnam and Europe to uncover the major players in this deadly game, and meet with the people working to put an end to it.

Gambling on Extinction is a co-production of Canada’s Real to Reel Productions and a&o beuero filmproduktion gmbh.  If you would like to find out more, visit the website at gamblingonextinction.net 

Here’s the trailer… (warning: scenes are graphic)



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