Brace yourself for: Puppet Up! Uncensored


Imagine the Muppet Show without a filter. Imagine the Muppets as Puppets… And not mistaken as Muppets… Now picture Puppets with crass and crazy personalities. Puppet Up! is a new show at the Panasonic Theatre, presented by Mirvish. Brian Henson, (the son of Jim Henson) reveals that behind closed curtains, the vulgar language that comes out of these puppets. There is no censor and only done in improv. This guarantees some full on belly laughs. It was bewildered, baffling and naughty!

There are 2 ways to view the show. The first is we watch the puppeteers with the puppets on stage. The second, is we watch the puppets on the big screens on either side of the stage. Watching it in both views were definitely cool because of the different perspectives on how you see the puppeteers and act, and how the puppets look on the monitor.

Some of the scandalous topics that were touched upon were:

Rob Ford at gay pride (Yes, I know, that would never happen!) Cow tipping and meth (Breaking Bad reference), twerking with mom and son (I am pretty sure that spawned from someone yelling out Miley Cyrus). The topics were a riot because of its audience contribution, and as you can tell, how the heck can you improvise some of these topics!? But they did successfully, and it was wicked funny!

Colleen Smith is one of the stars of the show, and she is quick on her feet, and she stood out to me. I have to say the rest of the cast was just as phenomenal with their quick thinking and wit!

Puppet Up is showing at the Panasonic Theatre until November 3rd. You can get your tickets at or call 416.872.1212. Have some out of this world topics, because these guys are so talented, they will spin some bizarre stories out of it!

Brian Henson – Photo: Carol Rosegg

Julianne Buescher and Colleen Smith – Photo: Carol Rosegg

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