Noshin’ at Bloor and Ossington’s Nazareth


Have you ever tried Ethiopian food? I haven’t had it in years, and my friend E suggested we go to Nazareth on Bloor and Ossington to catch up. Tasty eats, and it has an excellent price point! You can never go wrong with a platter priced at $10-12 shared between 2 people!

Ethiopian food is eaten with your hands, so having clean hands are key! We went with the Vegetarian option, and this consisted of cauliflower, eggplants, kale, a regular salad and probably some other “dips” I don’t know of. We were given a spongy type of bread to scoop up the dips. Absolutely delicious and hearty. I was happy to report that I was full after a scrumptious meal that cost me $5.

The vibe of Nazareth is urban, and quite hipster. The place is buzzing with happy people drinking and chatting. If you want to go, make sure you go early because it gets packed between 6:45pm-8:00pm.

969 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Nearest Transit Station
Ossington Station (BLR)
Dufferin Station (BLR)
And since they have no website, Yelp Review and info here:




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