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I’ve been keeping an eye on wllnttz ever since the night of Nuit Blanche in Toronto. I had accidentally stumbled upon a small wooden piece of art leaning against the steel chain fence downtown next to an art installation. I went up close and snapped up a photo for Instagram.  A woman came out of nowhere and said, “you know, you can take that.”

“Oh, I don’t think so, it’s clearly a piece of art that is probably part of Nuit Blanche,” I responded. But I scanned around the mobs of people surrounding me. They weren’t really paying attention to this conversation.

No, really, we are part of wllnttz . We give away tokens of art in the city every Friday but for Nuit Blanche we are going around doing this everywhere,” she said.

The artists that offer the art are sometimes emerging and some are established. Each Friday, one piece of original art is planted somewhere in the city of Toronto. Hints are given on social media.

This week, they’ve already released the artwork that will be given away. If you can find it – well, it’s finder’s keepers!

“The Picnic” by ALEX GARANT is 12 x 16 oil on canvas and set on a gold frame (shown at the top of this post), is the one that will be out for Free Art Friday this week.

Titled: Voodoo Lust / Photo credit artist AlexGarant.com

Titled: Voodoo Lust / Photo credit artist AlexGarant.com

The artwork by the award-winning surrealist artist ALEX GARANT is highly coveted. Her work is beautiful yet haunting to look at. On her personal site, she describes her work as inspired by early ink printing, vintage pop surrealism and retro kitsch. Her current works figuratively refer to carnival head-in-the-hole boards where you can step into a different colourful reality. Each piece gives a look into what encompasses the world; a bit of truth, with a canvas of mystery consuming it.

Follow www.wllnttz.com each week to discover their artists, news on the art scene in the city and the hunt for great art! They post up their Free Art Friday Toronto clues each week.

I will definitely be watching out for clues for a piece by Alex Garant this Friday!


“We the Wllnttz are nuts about walls, street art, urban art, new art” graffiti.   We live in and love Toronto and the wonders of its urban geography.”

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