I Heart Cut Copy

I was asked to go to a concert that just happened on November 15th by a friend who I am going to call SL. I needed to prep for this up a few weeks in advance. So she started sending me YouTube clips of Cut Copy‘s music, and another friend FP geared me up with all their albums. I was ready, mostly because I love their music!

Cut Copy is an Australian electronic quartet that plays a badass, cool, and whimsical concert at The Danforth Music Hall. Their music got me into the groove, with their fun melodic tunes, and their frontman Dan Whitford on vocals. His voice was upbeat and a bit nasally (in a good way), and the band had great chemistry on stage. They are on tour promoting their “Free Your Mind” album, and let me tell you.. the sound has this 80’s electro-synth New Wave vibe going. I could hear New Order influences to their sound, whilst edging it up. Those who know me, know I LOVE New Order, so to discover a band that reminded me of them gave me goosebumps! This concert was sold out!

They definitely put on a good show. The unfortunate thing was that the acoustics at the Danforth Music Hall didn’t show off their full on range. I was able to get into it, dance it up, and just enjoy the different layers on musical instruments, and vocals to this unique band. Cut Copy had a crazy light show going on, often times with the white light blinding us. Loved the vibe, and I couldn’t stop dancing to their style. Thanks for the intro SL and FP.. Cut Copy gained a new fan, and I want you guys to listen to them too.

Check them out here.

IMG_8140 IMG_8135


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