HARD CANDY is BAD TO THE BONE! (in a badass good way!)


Timothy Anderson, presently a personal trainer of Madonna, used to be in the Chorus of Wicked (the tour) and We Will Rock You, sits down with Sonya and I for a sizzling hot interview! Timothy was Madonna’s personal trainer for the MDNA Tour, and trains with her part-time now, as he has an agreement with the newest, shiniest and baddest gym HARD CANDY in town. He walked us around, and even showed Sonya and I how to do certain exercises. Who knew planking on a chair can be less hard (but still works you hard!)? A work out Madonna actually does is stepping up a chair and doing a kick to the left, stepping back down, kicking it to the right, and so forth. You do this to the beat of the music and 3 reps of 10. You definitely feel this work out!


“Madonna pushes YOU to work HARD.. It (The workouts) has to be effective, fun and challenging” as Timothy tells us. We also learned that these workouts that Tim showed us are inspired by what Madonna does herself. The gym also has a club vibe and aesthetics, so we feel pumped while we are there.

Hard Candy has these rockin’ classes where you do “Live DJ Spin” (Spin class with a DJ). Something I definitely want to check out! There is also a class called “Strength in Heels”, as the instructor teaches you how to dance in them. It was mesmerizing to watch. Another class I definitely want to hit up is inspired by Madonna’s concerts and choreographs called “ATS Cardio Dance”. Of course there are different types of yoga, and when it gets warm, the yoga classes will be held outdoors! RAD!


The spin classroom is sick, because there are approximately 42 bikes and you get to work out to Madonna’s concert videos! Now that is something I dig!

I definitely think a lot of thought has been put into this gym. Hard Candy has these work stations where you can plug in if needed. There is a coffee / juice bar in case you needed a pick-me-up. Um hello… I think I can hang here all day!

I always thought going to a gym was boring, but the stairmasters and treadmills all have Netflix connected to it. Now that’s multitasking, and not watching just cable at some other gyms. I can catch up with all my shows on there!

Fun fact: Did you know Madonna has 2 personal trainers each day? She trains 6 days a week for 2 hours. She is a beast!!!!!

Harder is Better. No Sweat, No Candy!


Sign up for a GUEST PASS and give it a whirl! I think I will for the classes alone!

Hard Candy is located at:
382 Yonge Street (corner of Gerrard Street), 4th Floor
Toronto, ON M5B 1S8
Phone # 1 (416) 979-1645


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