Get ready to fall in love with the Tony Award Winning Musical ‘Once’

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ONCE Tour Company © Joan Marcus


What a night! Sonya and I hit up Once, the musical for an amazing night of magic. Once is a riveting story about a Guy (that’s his name in the playbill) who wrote love songs, but he couldn’t do anything without Girl (that’s her name too). It was captivating because the atmosphere made us really feel we were in Dublin, so it was lively and spirited.

You fall in love with these 2 characters because they are endearing in their own ways. Guy somehow captures your heart and you lose a little of yourself in because of his heart and soul. Girl is full of passion and hard work which made Guy try hard to chase a girl. I would have to let you watch it to make you decide yourself on how you feel after. Sonya was so moved by the ending, I know she shed a few tears 😉 Being me, I felt it.. But I didn’t cry.

The set design was cool because before the play and during intermission, you could go up to the bar and have your drink there. There was even a live band before it officially started.

We hit the after party and had the pleasure of meeting the little girl Kolette Tedlow and Guy. His real name is Stuart Ward and was really friendly. He has been doing this for approximately 2 years. Kolette is a little star! She was full of energy and was a blast to hang out with.

Honestly, all the actors are a quadruple threat, although there wasn’t much dancing but there was singing and acting as well as playing an instrument. Plus playing an instrument while dancing a bit. I have a girl crush one of the characters who is super gritty and edgy. You just have to guess who it is 😉 Hint: She plays the violin.

Go watch this show! It was truly powerful and raw. I honestly didn’t expect it to be, but was swept away and was seriously mesmerized.

Go to for tickets.

Royal Alexandra Theatre

November 26, 2013 – January 5, 2014


ONCE Tour Company © Joan Marcus

ONCE Tour Company © Joan Marcus


ONCE Tour Company © Joan Marcus

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