Friday Night Live at the Royal Ontario Museum


Outside ROM before the night began!

Friday Night Live (FNL) has been on my to-do list since last year. Do you know what FNL actually means? It means a PARTY at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). I was extremely happy to finally check it out this year for a girl’s night out. First of all, I have not been to the Royal Ontario Museum since it has been renovated, so it was extremely sweet to see it in a different light (no pun intended.. Let me explain..). The feature was called “Light It Up” and it had all these amazing activities / DJs /exhibitions to check out. I was intrigued.


Dancing under the dinos!

The girls, IC, LW and I decided to start off the night with a little bit of food in our bellies. Of course we needed energy to check out Mesopotamia and the National Geographic special exhibitions. We grabbed a bite with Hot Bunzz and Little Tomato. The food was delectable and I was pleased. I also need to mention that ElectriCity Events provided entertainment for the room we were eating in (Bronfman Hall) and JREX the decks was spinning a trippin’ set to beats, breaks, rhythm and bass. We were also able to admire the lovely Rangoli, which are the coloured patterns that are made in South Asia in celebration of Diwali.





Second stop: Mesopotamia. This was interesting about the world’s first great cities 3,000 years ago and was the birthplace of writing, laws, urban planning etc. One of my favourite exhibit was when the carvings were explained with animation. I was a bit clueless to see what the story meant until I saw the animation. Interesting gallery, but a lot more time was needed in here, and we were on a time crunch.

Our second stop was the National Geographic – Celebration of 125 Years Award Winning Photography. This was more up my alley. I loved looking at pictures of nature, especially the underwater ones. So you can guess which ones I spent the most amount of time on. A lot of what I saw was vibrant and it came to life with action and colour. A must-see. I do wish I spent more time in there, as it was 9:30pm and the main exhibitions had to close down for the night.

Off we went to the next room, and we ended up in the dinosaur room. We spent a good chunk of time admiring the sizes of what used to exist in our planet. It’s quite astounding because these creatures once ruled the earth.


Lambesaurus ?

Somehow, we ended up in the mammals room after, and stumbled across the 3D Printing workshop aka Make Lab Canada. Now this was interesting because I was able to design my own little building on an iPad, and it would get sent straight to the 3D Printer when it was done. Ever since I was a little girl, I always enjoyed looking at small 3D models of building (I grew up in the Ontario Science Centre, so I saw a LOT of these.) So to build my own for the Mesopotamian city was a dream! Not to mention, my own little model gets to be displayed at the ROM. How cool is that? My first art piece gets displayed at a museum!


Make Lab Canada

We went through most of Level 3 and were able to hit up Africa, Cyprus, Bronze Age, Earth’s Treasures, and I have to say we spent a considerable amount of time in there looking at the gemstones. Girls will be girls 🙂


Gosh darn, we are in the same outfit!

There were a lot of things to do still, but we didn’t have enough time. By the time we got to the ground floor, the lights were turning on. I couldn’t believe we weren’t even half done and we spent a good 4- 5 hours there! I will be back, as there is still so much to see. I loved that I was able to look, with a drink in hand, and just appreciating natural history, sociology and ancient civilization. I also reckon this is great for people who aren’t exactly museum people, but is the perfect setting for people to become one.

There is still ONE more Friday left (December 6th) and here is the information here and below:

Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queens Park
Toronto, ON

Doors open 7 PM
Adults only, 19+ event (photo ID required)
Adults $12. Students $10.
Members Free



Oh husband.. je veux!



Hammerheads and Rays


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