Holiday Profile: Tina Su, Macaron Perfectionist

You already know I’m obsessed with macarons. When I first walked into Butter Avenue just weeks after the opening a couple years ago in uptown Toronto, I knew it was just something special. The space is understated and the focus is on the food. The best macarons in Toronto and you can argue that with me if you’d like. I still hold my grounds on this.  Butter Avenue gained a cult like following. Macaron lovers have travelled across the city by foot, bus, and car to get to them. Not only are they perfect but Cordon Bleu trained pastry chef, Tina Su is a whiz at creating some unique flavours every week. Her playful and daring approach draws people from everywhere.

Tina Su of Butter AvenueI had a chance to take Tina away from her kitchen for a quick chat about what’s up this holiday season.

What are some macaron flavours you’re working on for this holiday season?

Candy Cane, Mont Blanc and Gingerbread.

There must be some fun flavour requests from your loyal customers. What suggestions have you heard? And have you tried to create a flavour based on a request?

We always have a lot of great ideas and feedbacks which I take seriously. In general, I work with my senses accordingly towards flavours and colors as the season changes.

What’s your all time favourite macaron flavour(s)?

Hmmm it’s a tough one, because it’s different every day!

What have you tried but…well, it didn’t really work out the way you had hoped?

I experience a lot when I hide in the kitchen like a mad scientist, and ‘experience’ means not always successful…

What do you want people to know about Macarons that they might not know already?

The one that most people recognize is the ‘Parisian’ macaron, but in fact, it’s just one branch from the big macaron family tree, there are many different kinds of macarons in different regions in France .

Holiday 2013 - Photo Courtesy of Butter AvenueWhat’s your holiday tradition?

Make friends and family smile with fabulous desserts.

How many macarons do you make in a week?


How many do you eat in a week?

I should start counting…

You’ve travelled the world and have tried macarons everywhere. Where are some of your favourites?

The macarons are so delicate that every store makes it differently with their own special touch to it and perhaps that’s one of the reasons people love this product so much. It’s full of surprises.

I see Butter Avenue is often a pop-up shop inside Holt Renfrew in Toronto , when will you be there again?

Mid December. Stay tuned J

Thanks to Tina for taking a moment out of her busy schedule!

For more information, visit their website at

Located at 3467 Yonge Street, Toronto (Yonge/Lawrence)

Phone: 647-341-8686

If you need to bring an impressive dessert to a dinner party this holiday season…this!! 

FROSTY - Photo courtesy of Butter Avenue


Candy Cane Macaron - Photo Courtesy of Butter Avenue


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