Documentary Review: Blackfish


Have you heard of the documentary Blackfish? This is a doc everyone needs to watch. We need to be aware of how places like SeaWorld treat their animals. Orca whales are known to be apex predators, and are highly intelligent. These types of mammals travel in families for life (called a pod), and know how to communicate with each other through vocals. What SeaWorld does is capture these beautiful animals, and keep them captive in small pools, just to perform to people, who don’t understand that this kind of environment is bad for them.

Tilikum is a resident whale at SeaWorld, and has been known to show aggressive behaviour to the trainers. Not only hurting them, but killing them. Animal behaviour cannot be predicted, and nor should people try to play God and try to control them, when they belong in the wild and have the freedom.

Watch the trailer here. Better yet, go to Netflix and catch it there. We need to TAKE ACTION. Get educated, and see what this film is about. Animals held in captive need our help. And the only way to do this, is to raise awareness.

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