Holiday Profile: Shauna Podruzny CEO of Blossom Lounge

A couple of weeks ago I ventured to the Toronto Christmas Market down at the Distillery District. It was truly a magical time with all the twinkling lights at nighttime. So many people were out enjoying the spirit of the season and it definitely had the vibe as though we were somewhere in Europe with the cobblestone alleyways. The nooks and crannies of the area were filled with unique and curious kiosks of goodies. The last time I felt this cozy feeling was in Quebec City during the holidays. Such a treat!

Roy here at AZNmodern mentioned to me that I should visit a shop called Blossom Lounge as he was sure that I would LOVE the fashion and home accessories they offer. I had made a note to check it out if I so happen to stumble upon it on my journeys.

Sure enough I had a discovered a crowd hovering around the shop as live models were previewing holiday outfits through the store windows. I had to go in. I met Shauna, owner of Blossom Lounge as soon as I stepped in the doorway. I introduced myself and we followed up with a chat about the holiday season!

Photo courtesy of Blossom LoungeWhat’s your story? 

I started this Blossom Lounge venture back in 2004, as a means to provide upscale, exclusive, high quality beauty products to the Canadian market. We would curate hard to find collections in the shops, catering to the customer looking for unique apothecary finds.

Since then, Blossom Lounge has evolved into a lifestyle boutique, providing international brands of clothing, accessories and beauty products. With two brick & mortar locations, as well an on-line store, Blossom Lounge has remained a destination for savvy shoppers for almost a decade. We’re Getting ready to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with the launch of a clothing line and more!

What is your favourite thing about the holidays?

I adore the beautiful decor and lights this season. I love going for a drive in the evening and looking at the holiday lighting.

Distillery DistrictWhere are your favourite spots in this city (or any other city) to celebrate special occasions?

To celebrate Christmas would hands down be in the Distillery District during the Toronto Christmas Market. It has the old world charm of a European Christmas market and is such a wonderful experience – of course I’m a bit biased;) Unionville as well has the annual Festival of Lights parade which is a wonderful as well to experience.

How do you try to make the holiday season less stressful?

Stress is inevitable this time of year. I just make sure to be organized as much as I possibly can. It’s my busiest season at work, and so if I figure out the right balance, my personal life remains in harmony as well.

What’s on your wishlist?

I have this unusual fascination for maps, so I’d love a vintage world atlas. Other than that, I have everything I need, I’m happy:)

What’s your fondest memory about the holidays as a child?

There are too many to tell! Every year always has something special and memorable. Just being with family is what I remember and cherish the most. Whether it’s here or in Alberta or British Columbia with all my extended family, the holidays has always been centered around spending time with the people you love the most.

 What’s your holiday drink?

I love rooibos tea with a teaspoon of coconut oil, its so soothing and comforting in the cold weather, plus your lips are incredibly soft afterwards so it’s a good treat for chapped skin.

What would get get someone who’s on the naughty list?

Nothing! someone on my naughty list doesn’t deserve my time and effort BUT if I absolutely had to get them something, a candle is an easy choice, its neutral when you aren’t too sure what they may like.

Okay, how about the nice?

That’s hard too, everything is perfect for gift giving! I try to make sure that all bath & body items are collections that are packaged beautifully so that they are ready for holiday purchase.

Where would you like to spend the holiday season?

I love the holidays in Canmore, Alberta. The snow, sunshine and mountain air are the perfect combination for a wonderful holiday season.

What are some of your favourite gift ideas for this year?

Brand New Day scrub by One Love Organics – gentle enough for all skin types, and guarantees a glowing complexion.

City of Neighbourhood toque by Tuck Shop Trading Co. – represents all Toronto Neighbourhoods, the Scarborough one is most shocking! I lived for twenty years in Scarborough and never thought that toque would be the first to sell!

TuckShop Trading Co - Toques

Beige with gold hardware Triple Wrap Bracelet by Jenny Bird– can be dressed up or down, and works with every outfit and every style.

Brigitte Body Butter by Tocca – it’s so luxurious and rich, and the packaging is absolute perfection.

New York print by Rifle Paper Co. – It’s an animated, modern approach to a map of New York and would look gorgeous framed in an office space.

Blossom Lounge is located in the Distillery District in downtown Toronto and in Unionville, Ontario. For more information on the shop or to order online visit

Photo courtesy of Blossom Lounge

Sonya is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of She is also a well-established contributing lifestyle writer to other sites and magazines sharing her passion for arts & culture, fashion, beauty, travel and food. Sonya is based in Toronto, Canada. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @theculturepearl

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