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I had first met Freddie at a big event at the Air Canada Centre a couple of years ago. Every so often, I’ll run into him at other music events around the city. We connected immediately…no, not that way…but in a way that is just so human and real. After our first introduction I had soon discovered that Freddie was also a musician. Known as The Autumn Portrait, Freddie has been writing some honest and pure music– you know, perfect for those times that you want to feel grounded. His music is soothing for the soul.

The Autumn Portrait has released a new single over the holidays. I had a chance to catch up with Freddie at this very busy time with his new song, GHOST.

GHOST by The Autumn PortraitDo you consider yourself to be romantic?

Yeah. I’ve always thought of myself as a romantic. I love the idea of being in love: there’s no greater feeling than having that companionship and closeness with another person.

What do you hope life will be like for you in 20 years?

I hope I can look back and know I’ve made a difference. Music is something that impacts everyone in some way. I want to be remembered for having written honest songs. I also hope to be living a relaxing life and putting my family first. At the end of the day, it’s the most important thing to me.

With all the crazy stories we hear about dating these days, it seems like you’re one of the “keepers”…so, what are you looking for?

Thanks for the kind words. I think everyone has values and qualities that are “must haves” when finding a partner. Mine are simple: a sense of humour because you have to laugh at life. It’s the key to making any relationship work. Secondly, someone that you can just watch a movie with. There are times when stimulating conversation is amazing, but after a long day, it’s nice to just look at each other and get it, ya know? And last but most importantly is to put your partner first and make them feel special. Everyone can be selfish at times but being selfless is what being in a long term relationship is about.

What is your ideal date scenario?

A night at home making dinner together then watching a movie. I’m a home body, what can I say.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe in feeling a spark at first sight and then exploring that connection.

Where are your favourite dating hotspots in Toronto?

So many wonderful low key places around the city. I frequent College & Queen Streets the most.

How about in the world? Where have you travelled to that set the tone for romance?

I’ve travelled all across Canada and parts of the States and UK and I’ve learned that the most romantic place you can be is right there beside someone you love. It’s more about being with the person you care about than a geographic location.

3 things you’ve always wanted to tell someone on the first date?

“I know we just met, but let’s travel the world together.”

“Are you going to finish that steak?”

“It’s so cool that you love ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ too!”

What’s on your playlist right now.

First Aid Kit, Feist, Iron & Wine, The Avett Brothers, Drake

Tell me a bit about your latest video “GHOST”

It’s about being haunted by someone’s love. A love lost that was once so dear to your heart. It’s also about those brief encounters we have with people that leave us so speechless. Whether it’s a loved one or a stranger, we’ve all been there and that’s why I feel people can really relate to this song.

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Here’s the latest video: GHOST by The Autumn Portrait.




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