Photo Challenge App: Picture This!

We love challenges and this app came to our attention here at the office. PICTURE THIS! is a fun new app that gives you daily (and weekly) photo challenges to help break up your day. ..and you know how much we LOVE taking photos with our phones!

This is a great diversion from our busy days, if for only a moment! Yesterday’s challenge was to snap a pic of whatever you were looking up at. This morning’s challenge was “Don’t Tell My Boss” !!! It’s fun to see how everyone rises to the challenge…okay, it’s a little addictive!

The app gives shutterbugs the opportunities to participate in the challenges that test creativity and speed. Earn badges and get involved by voting for your favourites.

screen568x568-2There’s a “selfie” challenge on now and if you upload your image you can win a new mobile device of your choice. The trick to this app is you can’t upload any previous photos…they have to be FRESH just to keep everything fair…they  know how competitive we are!  The challenges are up for limited time-frames.

Picture This! was the recent winner of a 60-day challenge put forth by Waterloo based Dandy – a crowd-sourced based app building company. By the way, if you’ve got a great app idea, you can submit it to

The original concept was submitted to Dandy by 19 year old engineering student Niger Little-Poole. The idea came to Niger while he was organizing a party for friends at university. “I thought of the app when I made a scavenger hunt for my friend last year for his birthday. He had a lot of fun and I realized it would be cool to have a way to do this with more people in a more organized way.” Says Little-Poole.

Picture This by DandyDandy along with Picture This! creator Niger Little-Poole are currently receiving great buzz in Las Vegas with the new app that was just unveiled on Monday at the New Media Expo–  Consumer Electronics Show.

The app now is available for free download on iTunes (iOS 7 or later), Google Glass as well as Android, Blackberry.


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