Interview with actor Steve Lund of BITTEN!

Actor Steve Lund stars as werewolf Nick Sorrentino in BITTEN, the TV adaptation of the best-selling novel series by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong. The show just premiered this past weekend on SPACE.

The show is a werewolf driven tale set in the streets of Toronto and Upstate New York that revolves around the only female werewolf in history. The story unfolds as she learns to cope with the problems facing the pack and their supernatural world, kept from humans for centuries.

Steve’s character, Nick, is a young werewolf who has a laid back attitude and loves the ladies. However, he’s forced to make some important decisions in life to save his kind from extinction.

I had the incredibly fun opportunity to interview Steve about BITTEN….

Werewolves have come a long way! How did you prepare for your character?

SL: Step aside vampires, werewolves are so hot right now. It’s very exciting to be a part of this new culture of genre-driven shows. Playing a werewolf forces you to summon your most primal instincts and that brings with it a very unique intensity. That needs to be seen on screen to distinguish the characters living in harmony, under these secret circumstances, with the others in our world. To prepare, I basically introduced that inner-dialogue into my day-to-day life and started considering my most animalistic urges, rather that the boring human ones I normally resort to. Fortunately I didn’t act on those all the time and I never found myself in an instance where I had clawed at somebody’s throat because they cut in line on me at the supermarket… but I certainly thought about it…

BittenBeing a grandson of the former pack Alpha, what does this mean for you?

SL: With great lineage, naturally comes great responsibility (I swear that just came to me…). There’s a stigma associated to the name that we are a proud and respected family and the roots run deep. Nick has had a privileged life and has enjoyed his freedom to roam and become his own man, although he does live within a pretty big shadow. He’s often not taken as seriously as some of the others, but he knows his place and he is committed to the pack on a cellular level. The great thing about Nick you’ll learn, is that he has a great sense of humour about himself and can be good for a refreshing laugh amongst the predominantly serious situations the pack is encountered with.

The first female werewolf is introduced for the first time in werewolf history how does that change the pack’s dynamics?

SL: As you can imagine, we’re definitely not complaining! Having a female werewolf in the pack is a welcome change for us all. Having so much testosterone around all the time can get awfully stale. She’s also a relatively new werewolf and has proven to be an excellent student for Jeremy our pack alpha, so she kicks some serious ass. A great thing about Elena is that she in fact has the best sense of smell of any of us and is our most gifted tracker. She’s a bright light for us all and although we have undying love for each member of the pack, Elena is someone to be cherished. We realize the impact she has on our race more so than others, and her protection and safety is priority number one for us. However her apprehension as a commodity, seems to be priority number one for those who oppose us.

What should people know about werewolves?

SL: Our werewolf ways may be a little more original than what is typically seen in folklore. We’re not the “full moon” types and we can change on command. A werewolf must change on a routine because suppressing your instincts is very unhealthy. Think of it like brushing your teeth, ya just gotta do it! Our change is a very painful process and can leave us exposed and vulnerable during transformation. Often when we fight mutts (Non pack-conforming werewolves), the change is not an option so we are forced to be well trained in hand-to-hand combat.

What does your family think about Bitten? Um…your real-life family!

SL: My family, as they like to say, has “been Bit.” My mom read the first book in Kelley Armstrong’s series immediately and she loved it. She’s very excited and said that Nick was her favourite character, obviously. I even caught my dad with the book on his night table and he confessed his first venture into the world of werewolves has been quite enjoyable! They plan to host weekly Bitten parties and will roll out the red carpet for when their distinguished guests arrive which, from an anonymous tip I’m told, is merely three red bath towels.

Where did you watch the premiere show this past weekend?

SL: I rented out a venue at a local pub for all of my friends to come and watch. I anticipate it to be quite a lengthy evening…

Anything surprises you about fans?

SL: I’m blown away by our fans. They are incredibly dedicated, excited and so lovely. They take just about every opportunity to compliment us, thank us and celebrate us. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, snail mail, cloud messages, smoke signals, you name it, they are all part of the pack and we’re one big happy family.

The moment you thought “wow, I love my job”

SL: When I walked on set, was introduced to a fellow actor and got to say “Nice to meet you sir, I will be snapping your neck today.”

What do you think about being called “hunky” and “sexy” ? 

On a daily talk show last week I was referred to by the host as a “sexy beast”. My dad then texted me the next day and said that he was being referred to in my hometown of Halifax as “The original sexy beast”. So, he sure likes it! It’s funny. We have a lot of fun with it.

Your favourite drink? 

SL: Tim Horton’s coffee.

Your New Year’s Resolution?

SL: Take an auto mechanics course and curb my shoe buying addiction.

What you would want to tell your “special someone” about the show…before they watch it.

SL: It’s just work babe, I wasn’t actually that into it… No of course not! You’re the only one for me… what? No I don’t know where she lives! .. What are you doing? Please put down the phone..”

Three words that describe you. Go! 

SL: Big. Hairy. Smelly.

BITTEN is on Saturday nights on SPACE at 9 pm EST / 6 pm. Check out trailers etc. at


Steve Lund Nick Sorrentino in BITTEN / Photo Credit: SPACE Channel

Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino in BITTEN / Photo Credit: SPACE Channel

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