NYC Artist May Lin Le Goff

May Lin Le Goff is a ‘cut & paste artist’ based in New York.  Originally from Singapore, she recently held her first solo show, Stripped,  at Site/109 Gallery in the Lower East Side. In  Le Goff ‘s exhibition, she created surreal renderings of high fashion overlaid with her own personal brand of disorder and irreverence. She delves into society’s obsession with temptation and sexuality through imagination creating great discussion with her work.

“The hackneyed phrase ‘sexual objectification’ can inspire much eye-rolling,” says Le Goff. “However this seemingly commonplace notion is more prevalent than ever in mainstream popular culture. It is widely acknowledged we live within a sociocultural construct that sexually objectifies the female body, and equates a woman’s worth with her physical appearance and sexual function. More importantly, today women’s sexual objectification is celebrated as a form of female empowerment, where women are encouraged to objectify themselves.”

Stripped  -  May LIn Le Goff , NYC

Stripped – May LIn Le Goff , NYC

In this recent installation we question “what is the price of perfection, and who defines what perfection is?

In the artist’s statement, Le Goff states that for most women, the answer to “who defines” is often the media. “Over the past two decades, sexual illustrations have become much more overt; advertising and editorials today rely more on visual sex, and femail models are more likely than in years past to be nude. Remember ‘sex sells’.

Le Goff wonders what happens when a female gaze aims to strip these intentional images of their most potent powers? This exhibition explores this idea by selecting images of nude women found in various print media, from fashion advertsing to magazines, and then removes either content or environment.

And she asks us…

“Do these images still hold the same sexual powers or do we interpret the  context in a new light?”

Interesting thought.

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