Giant Insects Crawl on Walls in TORONTO!

This is sending shivers right down to the bone! Not only is it winter but to find massive bugs on the front of The Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto is enough to make your toes curl!!! But relax folks…the larger-than-life sized insects are not going to be slapped with a Public Health infraction. This art installation is here for the internationally acclaimed new adaptation of Franz Kafka’s METAMORPHOSIS.

Kafta wrote METAMORPHOSIS in 1912 and it was published in 1915. It has been adapted into film, opera, dance and theatre but this particular production takes it the story to unexplored territory. METAMORPHOSIS is a haunting but bizarrely comical story about the ordinary life of the Samsa family who’s world is turned upside down when their son, Gregor, emerges one morning to find himself inexplicably transformed into a gigantic insect.

All emotions are played out in extremes. It’s disturbing but fantastic at the same time. It’s funny yet sad. METAMORPHOSIS is about human nature, relationships and reactions to extreme circumstances. But the set is the talk amongst my theatre lovin’ friends. This production will be interesting to see and physically demanding on the actors.


This production premiered in 2006 at Lyric Hammersmith in London and has returned twice to that stage. The show toured around the world including the UK, SouthKorea (Seoul), Ireland, Island, Hong Kong, Tasmania, Australia, Columbia, New York and St. Petersburg.

The cast includes Björn Thors as Gregor, Unnur Ösp Stefánsdóttir as Greta, Tom Mannion as Herman, Edda Arnljótsdóttir as Lucy, and Víkingur Kristajánsson as Herr Stiethl/Herr Fischer.

METAMORPHOSIS is adapted and co-directed by David Farr (Associate Director of Royal Shakespeare Company) and actor/director Gisli Örn Gardarsson, of the award-winning Icelandic theatre company Vesturport.
The stage design is by Börkur Jónsson, with music by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, lighting design by Björn Helgason, sound design by Nick Manning, and costume design by Brenda MurphyMETAMORPHOSIS is produced by Dýri Jónsson of Vesturport Theatre.


METAMORPHOSIS will be on a gravity-defying split level set on stage in Toronto from January 28th to March 9th at The Royal Alexandra Theatre (Toronto). Tickets  from $25 to $99. For more information or for tickets visit

Curious????  Me too! See you there!




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