Wow, inspirational: Naked Face for Grace

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Facebook Event, Today for Grace’s Birthday

Have you heard of this Facebook Event called Naked Face for Grace? What a self-loving, self-nurturing concept. Look it HERE. This woman Grace set this event up, and quoted this:

“This year for my 31st birthday, although I am far away from so many of you, I wondered if we could join together in celebrating the beauty and strength of women and going NAKED FACED for the entire day regardless of where you have to go (ooh a twist!) and post a picture on my wall!!!! This is a such a powerful experience for everyone involved! Love and Gratitude! Let’s celebrate each other just as we are.
Share with anyone, and everyone!”

So I simply contributed my naked face picture. We should all feel beautiful. I know I am going to the gym with a naked face today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!


My Naked Face, which I will rock today!


Ace is a freelance graphic designer who was born in Toronto, grew up in Hong Kong, and lived in Ottawa and Vancouver. She is attracted and addicted to adventures like rock climbing, scuba-diving and anything culturally and visually interesting. Ace is still looking for the perfect cup of coffee in the city to satiate her.

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