Can games change and motivate the business world?

Did you know that an estimated one billion people spend at least one hour every day playing computer or video games? According to PHD, a global media and communications agency, businesses need to consider that 7 billion hours by 1 billion gamers as an untapped area of opportunity. If businesses can harness that time and energy, could you imagine what could happen?

GAME CHANGE is a new book that explores how “gamification” can be applied in the business world. Published by PHD Canada, they have first-hand experience on where this is all evolving. In fact, the agency’s own global planning system, Source, involves more than 1750 staff in over 70 countries playing and collaborating on a leaderboard during every work day, making it the largest enterprise gaming system.

The book takes a look at innovative systems like Source and how it empowers and engages employees. “If businesses and marketers can apply even a fraction of engagement seen in gaming, the payback will be significant and unprecedented.” says Mark Holden, PHD’s worldwide strategy and planning director. “That’s because gaming has the ability to create meaning and motivation relevant to the target market, whether internal or external.”

600653_600833216638577_403977689_nGAME CHANGE is co-authored by PHD’s Mark Holden, Craig Atkinson, Malcolm Devoy, Frances Ralston-Good, Chris Stephenson, and writer Alasdair Reid.

The book is available via ebook at iTunes and GooglePlay – free for a limited time.

Hard cover available on


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