Tastes and Sights of Connecticut


Today Sonya and I hit up the “Tastes and Sights of Connecticut” at the Hilton. Did you know that they have their own version of the Maple Syrup? I wouldn’t have know that at all.

One of the best clam chowders I have ever experienced was at this event, through a place called Captain Daniel Packer Inne. It was creamy, buttery, not too starchy and an overload of clams.

Connecticut has a wide array of attractions to offer. Did you know that there is a Mark Twain House & Museum, a beer tour with Thomas Hooker, and of course the Mohegan Sun Casino! One of the interesting things about the casino is that they attract more tourists than Disney per day. Wowza!

The Mystic Aquarium there specializes in Belugas, where there is an educational program to offer. Did you also know the Westford Hill‘s pear and peach brandy is delicious? I only started acquiring the taste recently and this was a yummy drink.

Munson’s Chocolates took my breath away with their delectable treats. It’ a definite stop over if you head over to Connecticut. Also note, the wines are scrumptious! I recommend Jonathan Edward’s Winery.

Road trip to Connecticut, anyone?





Ace is a freelance graphic designer who was born in Toronto, grew up in Hong Kong, and lived in Ottawa and Vancouver. She is attracted and addicted to adventures like rock climbing, scuba-diving and anything culturally and visually interesting. Ace is still looking for the perfect cup of coffee in the city to satiate her.

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