Valentine’s Day: When Three is Not a Crowd?

It is all about sharing the love on February 14th, right? Ahem. Our friends at JUST conducted a recent survey with their customers about Valentine’s Day.  According to their research, 57% of people are planning to stay home on this day.

While they asked people to answer about food, they also discovered that 34% would prefer “sexy leather or pink handcuffs” over a teddy bear as a gift!

And how many Valentines do you have? It’s interesting to discover that 43% believe that three is not, in fact, a crowd, with 25% having experienced this first hand. In addition, 34% say they are open to the idea of enjoying an evening in an intimate threesome.

Needless to say, Valentines for these lovers is more like juggling balls. No pun intended. Naturally if you’re in this situation, you still want to be the host (ess) with the mostess. Here are some tips for planning a dinner party for three…hey, whatever, I’m not judging.

1. Be a good host. Don’t rush into dinner. Let your guests warm up with a glass of wine, maybe an appetizer or two. If you create the right atmosphere, it’ll all happen naturally.

2. Share and share alike. Don’t spend too much time focused on one guest. Be sure to divide your time evenly. No one likes to feel left out.

3. Keep yourself busy. If your guests are really hitting it off, don’t interrupt them. Let them get to know each other. You’d be surprised at how much fun you can have just watching!

4. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Don’t invite so many guests that it becomes an un-ménage-able – rather – unmanageable mess. Start with three and see how that feels. You’ll be hosting bigger parties in no time!

5. Save room for dessert. A well-planned dinner can last all night. Pace yourself and plan ahead.

Just Eat. caIf you’re hungry for a little action, make sure you #TapThatApp regardless of how many people you need to…um, entertain for Valentine’s dinner!

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Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers!




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