Beauty Review: Garnier’s 5 sec Blur Instant Smoother

After returning from a beach vacation I noticed a few more sun spots and a few more dry patches on my face. I am pretty diligent when it comes to wearing sunscreen especially on my face when I’m down south. That tropical sun and the trade winds are deceivingly comfortable to enjoy. But after years of sunning I’m noticing that my skin is progressively uneven in pigment and texture. I swear if I could tell my 20 year old self to wear more sunscreen then…I would.

I had received Garnier’s newest product The 5 Sec Blur Instant Smoother. I immediately was interested in testing out this product.

According to Garnier’s recent survey done with women, they all claim the same thing: in an ideal world, their cream would work immediately to erase signs of aging.

Well, that’s a dream come true! And the challenge was on. Garnier has created 5 sec Blur, its first smoothing, correcting primer. To say it works like magic is how I would describe it.

How it works: The formula contains a “high concentration of light reflecting particles” that diffuses light and blurs the skin. The silicone elastomers fill in fine lines, wrinkles and hides pores. You only need to squirt about a dime-size portion out of the tube and spread it thinly onto the areas you want coverage. It appears to to come out like a liquid/talc blend. And absorbs really quickly. Like other primers, it should be applied after your day cream has dried. Then apply foundation of choice, if desired. I’ve been wearing it for a couple of weeks now either on its own or with a a bit of powder

Garnier's 5 sec BlurThe verdict: I love the mattifying effect as soon as I put it on my skin and it definitely smooth things out and appears softer. It doesn’t complete blur out my sun spots although it does appear less intense.  I’m pretty happy with the shine taken away! The results are immediate and the appearance has lasted for most of the day.

Garnier’s 5 sec Blur is now available in  Canada and  USA. Conveniently available in the beauty aisle of most major drug and retail stores.  It’s also the #1 selling Blur in Europe.








*I was provided with a tube of Garnier 5 sec Blur for review purposes only. This post is not sponsored, nor was I compensated. 

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