Classic Novel Offers a New Digital Storytelling Experience

There are a many classic novels written that have stand the test of time. For the Term of His Natural Life is one of them. Australian writer Marcus Clarke first published the story in 1874 when he was only 28 years old. Since then, the novel has lived several lives in three feature films, a mini-series, and remains a favourite along side stories like Les Mis. Now the story has re-invented itself once again to keep up with the world’s most popular medium: an interactive App (iPad).

Rich in story telling and visuals, this interactive app breathes a new life into the riveting tale of Rufus Dawes who is falsely accused of murder in the 19th century London. He is transported as a convict, like many at the time, to Tasmania, Australia where he is to live out the rest of his natural life.

App creator, Patricia Payne, mentions that the new app is a new and visual way to enjoy the book. In an interview with ABC radio she discusses the key features and why the idea of a storytelling app.

The book is great but this works for a new audience. It’s presented in a different way. We’ve incorporated it with a lot of fantastic archival material available in Australian libraries as well as film clips from the 1927 silent movie. There is quite a lot of bonus material,” said Payne.

Mark Twain once said about his work “literary genius…such nice work…so brilliant and fascinating.”

The app is a condensed version of the novel and has enriched the story with over 125 interactive images, maps and documents. It includes 41 film clips and enhanced sound for story reading.

For the Term of His Natural Life is worth revisiting with the new interactive story app that offers a whole new digital experience to this literary classic.

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App is currently available for download at the iTunes store for iPad ($9.99)




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