Hey Kylie Minogue, What’s On Your Valentine’s Day Playlist?

Ever curious about what celebrities, musicians in particular, listen too?  Singer Kylie Minogue shares what’s on her Valentine’s Day playlist and why!

Kylie Minogue & Enrique IglesiasBeautiful: From my new album, ‘Kiss Me Once,’ this is the one and only true ballad. It’s a duet with Enrique Iglesias and it’s an honour singing with him. I actually cried the first time I heard it and I knew I had to be part of this incredible, romantic and touching song.

Kylie Minogue (photo courtesy of Apple Canada)Marvin GayeSexual Healing: What words can be added to this, the ultimate sexy song?  Its magic never diminishes and it is still as hot as ever!

Minnie RipertonLovin’ You: Everyone get ready….who will hit those high notes? Love this song and no-one does it like Minnie.

Stevie WonderAs:  The album ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ was a staple in my parent’s house when I was a kid. I feel like Stevie was over at ours a lot!

Frank OceanThinkin Bout You: This song makes me melt! I adore Frank Ocean’s vocals.

Bonnie TylerTotal Eclipse of the Heart: The ultimate power ballad. I love singing along to this and always, ALWAYS include the ‘air grab’.

What’s her favourite Valentine’s Day Movies?

Cinema Paradiso – This movie had a profound impact on me when I first saw it in the late 80’s. It always tops my favourite films list and on Valentine’s Day, this is one movie where you can be assured you will believe in love. Tears will fall!

When Harry Met Sally – I love the Director Rob Reiner and ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is one of his best.  Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are adorable in this as they tackle the big question…can men and women be just friends?

Bridget Jones’s Diary – The 2001 British Romantic Comedy which had us all laughing and crying.  Renee Zelwegger IS Bridget Jones and we all fell in love with her, her men and her ups and downs. Guaranteed to make you feel less alone in the crazy world of love.

Casablanca – Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in one of the best films of all time exploring love versus virtue.

Breathless (A bout de souffle) – A classic by Jean-Luc Goddard, which not only marks him as one of the leaders of the French New Wave but stands the test of time.

I just found out that you can gift your friends and Valentine’s something from the iTunes App Store to watch, play or listen to. Hey, even my mother-in-law would enjoy Michael Buble’s  curated top 25 love songs. This is a great idea, especially for you last-minute romantics – create a playlist and gift it! You can do this all from your mobile device or MAC or PC.

Beyonce’s full recent releases would be awesome for me, thanks! Hint Hint!

Do you have a favourite love song?


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