Beauty Tips & Trends for the Wedding Season

So you’re getting married this year? Or maybe you’re in a wedding party? So much planning takes place for the one day and everyone wants it as perfect as possible. You may have already started thinking about your make up? Or not? But you just know the photos will be around for a while. On top of that with Instagram and other social networks the photos will be up on your friends’ pages before you even get to say “I Do.”

When you’re doing all the planning, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right makeup artist on your side. Someone who understands your style but you can also depend on to keep your face from shining or your mascara running. Every modern day bride  needs the right makeup artist that can work magic.

Lauren Kurtz, founder of Good Gosh Beauty trained as a professional makeup artist for television and film and has worked the spectrum of traditional makeup arts from the cosmetic counter to the film set. She completely understands the challenge of working with the high definition of the  camera’s lens.

I had a chance to ask Lauren about her best tips for the upcoming wedding season…

What bridal beauty trends are you seeing for this coming wedding season? 

As should always be the case, the bride should look (and feel!) like the best version of herself.  That being said, 2014 wedding makeup trends are a fresh and nude look (for girls who can’t leave the house without a smokey eye, keep the rest of the look neutral).  There’s also a lot of room for flirty and romantic even when keeping a look subtle – think a light wash of Pantone’s colour of the year, Radiant Orchid over the eyelid, or a plummy-pink lip stain.

When should a bride-to-be look for a make-up artist and book one?

As soon as the date and location are set, it’s a good idea to look for a makeup artist, since you may want to have a trial run with a few different artists to make sure you’re both compatible.  Makeup is also best done on the wedding day after your hair is done; keep that in mind.  If you’re a month away from the wedding and still don’t have a makeup artist, don’t worry and book a test run with someone.  Explain to them, in detail, as much detail as possible what you’re looking for, so you can replicate the look for the wedding day.

When a bride-to-be approaches her wedding day, do you have any tips on keeping her skin in healthy shape? I totally was stressed and I think my skin showed for it.

Sadly, stress can wreak havoc on one’s complexion, but you’ll never know what can happen leading up to the wedding day.  The easiest thing to do is keep skin nourished by drinking plenty of water and herbal teas and including healthy fats in your diet.  Dermatologists recommend reducing the intake of dairy products (especially for acne-prone skin).  Also, don’t be afraid of moisturizing, even if you have oily skin.  Some oily skin types can be dehydrated, causing an increase in oil production.  Keep using products you know and love, and don’t try anything new for a few weeks leading up the wedding day in case of an adverse reaction.

Brides often feel like the makeup they wear on their wedding day is too heavy, but what advice would you give them — pictures are worth a thousand words.

You want to strike a happy balance by feeling confident walking up to your guests in broad daylight, and having enough coverage and mattification to satisfy your own discerning eye when the photo proofs come back.  Flawless looking skin is key.  Luckily with technology constantly improving foundation formulations, they feel much lighter than ever.   The colour portion (shadows, lips, blush, and also brows!) can be tailored to your preference, but remember a bright camera flash softens colours, so a little more may be necessary.  And as is usually the case with all things beauty, you are more critical and self conscious of yourself than necessary.

Any make up tips or tricks (e.g. keeping lipstick off your teeth)?

If your perfect shade of lipstick isn’t a long-wearing formula, you can still make it last by applying a similar or lighter shade of lip liner over your lips, and then apply the lipstick.  Peel apart a tissue so it becomes one-ply (i.e. more sheer) and press it against your lips with your mouth closed. With a powder brush dipped in a translucent/clear powder, press powder onto the tissue.  This will set the lipstick.  Repeat the lipstick and tissue trick application once or twice more, and finish with a light coat of the lipstick. Voila!

What else do you want the readership to know about you, your service? 

My favourite style of makeup to apply is romantic and subtle.  I love offering colour advice to my clients, and often find people are in a rut with the tones they’re using for their skin colour or age.  I use as much paraben-free and synthetic-free makeup in my kit as possible, because your skin’s health is important.  And for those who think they’ll be a little teary during the wedding day, lash extensions and subtle permanent cosmetics (perfect eye liner every time) keeps the dreadful raccoon eye at bay. Smudged makeup happens more often than you’d think!

Radiant Orchid Pantone 2014

So, we are LOVING “Radiant Orchid,” Pantone’s colour of 2014, a beautiful purple with a lilac undertone, can anyone do it? Lauren, offers this advice…


  • Play with tone (darker kohl by the lash line blending to a lighter, sparkly tone to the brow)
  • A brief swipe of colour across the cheeks adds definition
  • Keep the lip neutral with a matte lipstick so the attention is on the eye shadow


  • Add a touch of colour to the corner of the eye, adding a touch of interest
  • No need for blush, and lips are best kept in a shiny finish with a swipe of gloss


  • Be dramatic and use one tone from the lash line to the brow to makes the eyes pop
  • Lips make a statement with a shot of Radiant Orchid (but only if eye makeup is kept neutral)


Common elements include fresh-looking skin, a defined brow, and a focus on either the eyes or lips.

Photo courtesy of Good Gosh Beauty.

Photo courtesy of Good Gosh Beauty.


Good Gosh Beauty is a private studio for nice beauty treatments, with a focus on services that require a skilled, artistic, and conscientious touch. Founded by Lauren Kurtz, Good Gosh Beauty has a passion for makeup and a love of helping people.  For more information about their services in Toronto 

Good Gosh Beauty is located at 907 College Street, Toronto  647-350-GOSH (4674)



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