The ROM celebrates their Centennial Year with The Forbidden City.



When I first learned The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) was going to showcase ‘The Forbidden City: Inside The Court of China’s Emperors’ for their Centennial anniversary, I was ecstatic. I have a huge affinity to Chinese history and anything royal. What first beckoned me to Beijing was the book ‘The Last Empress’  about the Dowager Cixi, by Anchee Min, so I went to The Forbidden City with my dad for that trip.

Entering The Forbidden City was an experience by itself. Having over 250 artifacts brought to Toronto is truly treasured! Approximately 80 items have not even traveled outside of the Palace Museum. Fun Fact: Did you know that it takes an hour and a half to walk from one end of the palace to the other end? The Emperor, of course, was on his own palanquin and didn’t have to worry about tiring himself.

The ROM showcases this exhibition in the Garfield Weston Exhibition Hall from now until Monday September 1st, 2014. When you immerse yourself into the imperial life, you will learn about Chinese culture, art and history. Fun Fact: Yellow is the colour of royalty, and only the imperial family is allowed to wear it.

Your adventure starts in The Outer Court, and in here you will experience ceremonial bells, suits of armour, weapons and large scale paintings that tell you stories. Then you move onto The Inner Court, where it is the residential area of the imperial family and the eunuchs (men who have been castrated to serve the royal family.) In there you will see the opulence of the robes and nail guards the imperial women wore.

What an amazing adventure to experience this in the ROM. Come check it out at: and get your tickets online to avoid disappointment.

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