MoRoCo Chocolat Gets Ready for Macaron Day

Tucked inside a little courtyard across the street from home decor store Teatro Verde on Yorkville Avenue in Toronto is MoRoCo Chocolat. I consider it a slice of heaven from the buzz of Yorkville streets. I  can recall it getting ready to open a few years ago. I had heard they will be offering freshly made macarons. So, I pressed my nose against the windows (several times) waiting for them to open.

In September 2008, they opened their doors and it was like walking into a sophisticated Wonderland. The cafe had it’s own distinct character with black walls and an eclectic collection of sculptures. Tea service felt regal in a very personal way. Unique silver pots came out with a variety of tea leaves. To this day Creme of Avalon is still my favourite. Then there was the sipping chocolate. If I had a last wish on this earth it would be a plate of macarons and a shot of warm creamy chocolate.

MoRoCo Chocolat has an unusual name. It has nothing to do with Morocco but it was the creative thinking of the owner to blend the first couple letters from the names of her kids Mo for Montana, Ro for Rory and Co for…well…cocoa!

As Ace had mentioned in her post, International Macaron Day will be celebrated on March 20th (yes, mark your calendars folks!). MoRoCo Chocolat is one of the official participating local macaron shops and I had a quick chance to chat with Executive Pastry Chef and Chocolate Artist, Chris Kwok.

What was your first macaron experience like?

My first ever macaron experience was at Laduree in Paris.  I don’t remember the specific flavour that I had but I distinctly remember how good it was.  My first attempt at making them was at home; didn’t come out like I hoped but since then I hit the mark everytime.

MoRoCo Chocolat - photo credit: Sonya DavidsonWhat are the most popular flavours at MoRoCo?

While all our flavours are popular, Sugar Doughnut, Salted Caramel & Milk Chocolate Pistachio are the top sellers.

What are some unique flavour combinations that are offered at MoRoCo? That Strawberry Habanero was mind-blowing!

Our Strawberry Habanero is definitely unique, sweet with a bit of a spicy kick at the end.  Our other unique flavour is our Milk Chocolate Yuzu with Pink Grapefruit Jam, sweet & tart at the same time.

Why do you think Macarons are gaining in popularity here in Toronto?

They are definitely an in demand item.  For chefs, they are a challenge to be tackled especially as they are so versitile with unlimited flavour possibilities.  For customers, they are an adventure in food & taste because you can get them in both sweet and savoury combinations.

Macarons are found in so many parts of the world now…where have you seen them and least expected to?

They are exploding in popularity around the world.  I’ve heard of a Curried flavoured macaron in India & Satay in Malaysia.

How many macarons did you  go through on Macaron Day last year?

In 2014, we sampled over 500 macarons on Macaron Day and sold over 1,400.

Any fun flavours you’re working on for this coming Macaron Day?

We introduced our Marshmallow & Cotton Candy flavoured macarons at the beginning of March in anticipation of Macaron Day. We make our macarons fresh daily, hand-piping the delicate shells and use premium Belgium & French chocolate for our ganache fillings.

Macaron 12 Box Moroco ChocolateMoRoCo Chocolat is located at 99 Yorkville Ave., Toronto. They offer quality, hand-crafted chocolate and macarons in the boutique and a delicious savoury menu for lunch, dinner or weekend brunch in our restaurant. For more information visit 

Free macaron samples will be available at participating patisseries across the city (while quantities last) and part proceeds from all macaron day sales will be donated in support of the Red Door Shelter Toronto.

For more information about Macaron Day Toronto, visit  

And yes…the sugar doughnut macaron is INSANELY good!




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